Chaumet's Liens Lumière watches radiate light and colour

Chaumet enriches its Liens watch collection for women with the arrival of the glowing diamond Liens Lumière and its delicious array of straps.

Chaumet Liens Lumiere 27mm

When you mention the brand Chaumet, the first things that come to mind are tiaras, empresses and exquisite jewellery, which encapsulate the cosmopolitan elegance of Paris. With 236 years of history under its belt, Chaumet’s emblematic motifs reappear throughout its collections, revisited to capture the spirit of the times. The ‘liens’ motif in Chaumet's jewellery – represented by bows, lover’s knots and intertwined ribbons – is a symbol of attachment and unison and was first incorporated into a watch collection devoted to women in 2013.  

The Liens Lumière watch is a declination of Chaumet’s famous Liens jewellery collections, inspired by intertwined ribbons and lover's knots.

What’s new about the Liens Lumière collection?

For a brand so intimately associated with the City of Light, it is fitting that Chaumet’s new Liens Lumière watch collection irradiates light in all directions. Thanks to the iridescent reflections of the white mother-of-pearl dials, combined with the intense sparkle of white diamonds, the watches glow with a beautiful ever-changing light.

In addition to the incorporation of the glowing new dials, the number at 12 o’clock has been restyled in cursive script and the number six deleted from the dial and replaced with a diamond in the case of the quartz models, and with a date window in models equipped with automatic movements. The original baton hour markers have been replaced with hour markers picked out in diamonds, and the date window has been deleted. The overall effect is one of increased sparkle and femininity, bringing a radiant jewellery spirit to the Liens watch.

With alligator straps in vibrant 12 colours, Chaumet gives you the freedom to personalise its new Liens Lumière watches.

Personalise your time

With new alligator straps in 12 delicious colours, complementing the classic black alligator or stainless steel and steel and gold bracelets, Chaumet has given us the freedom to tailor our timepiece and change the strap according to our mood. Imagine the high jewellery model covered in a mantle of snow-set diamonds on the dial, bezel and lugs against a lipstick-red strap?

Liens Lumière 33mm automatic watch in pink gold
The 33mm pink gold Liens Lumière watch, twinkling with diamonds, is equipped with a top-quality Swiss automatic movement (£26,830).

What is the history behind the Liens watch?

The Liens watch is the sister of Chaumet’s famous Liens jewellery collections. Inspired by the intertwined ribbons and X-shaped motifs that symbolise attachment and devotion, it forms part of the tradition of Bijoux de Sentiments, a romantic language expressed through jewels to convey different feelings or celebrate key events.

Appearing on tiaras, brooches and necklaces throughout Chaumet’s illustrious history, the lover’s knot is an enduring symbol that first appeared on a watch collection in 2013. Instead of criss-crossing the dial, the intertwined X has been subtly incorporated into the case. When viewed in profile, the gently arching lugs kiss the case at 9 and 3 o’clock, punctuated by a pearl cabochon in the crown.  

Direct from the City of Light, Chaumet unveils its new Liens Lumière collection with new models glowing with diamonds and mother-of-pearl dials (£26,830).

Another characteristic of the Liens watch is the centre of the dial, which is treated in a different material from the area with the hour markers. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but the shape reminds me of an aerial view of the Place Vendôme. As the first jeweller to open shop on the famous square, the Place Vendôme was – and still is – the cradle of Chaumet’s scintillating legacy, which spans 236 years.

How much does the Chaumet Liens cost?

The new Liens Lumière collection comes in three different metals – rose gold, yellow gold and stainless steel – and in two sizes – 27mm and 33mm. Prices start from  £6,750 for a 27mm model in stainless steel, rising to £30,290 for the fully diamond pavéd model, below, in white gold.  

Liens Lumière high jewellery diamond watch
Chaumet’s Liens Lumière 27mm white gold watch comes in this dazzling high jewellery version, completely covered with snow-set diamonds (£30,290).

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