Today I have travelled to Paris to find out how the new Louis Vuitton watch, the LV Fifty Five, relates to the firm’s history of making an art out of travel.

The Volez, Voguez, Voyagez exhibition at the Grand Palais takes us back in time to when Louis Vuitton turned a necessity into a luxury. The solution to transporting your tea-set, typewriter or even manicure-set across the globe was to make luggage as exquisite as its contents.

And you can see that this was a very modern concept of luxury, a way to take a little bit of home away from home, wherever you ventured.

Called the LV Fifty Five for the roman numerals LV, this new watch was inspired by a trunk made from 1892. This trunk was made for the tropics to withstand the humidity and rigours and aluminium was the perfect material and it managed to preserve a gentlemen linen suit and his scientific instruments in the most difficult conditions.

The most notable features of the LV Fifty Five watch are the two metal plaques that are inspired by the plates around the tamper-proof locks of a Vuitton trunk. The crown is shaped like a rivet and the links of the metal bracelet are like the handles of the trunk.

Looking at the 160 year history of this company, it is clear that whatever may appear new is in fact steeped in history and this watch is no exception and its designed to remain elegant wherever your adventures may take you. 

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