The new Voyager GMT: around the world in LV style

The watches in Louis Vuitton’s new Voyager GMT collection are the perfect travelling companions for today’s globetrotters.

Louis Vuitton Voyager GMT pink gold

The spirit of the colossal French luxury brand Louis Vuitton was forged on a steamer trunk, born out of a vocation for all things related to travel. The hallowed LV monogram featured on luggage and accessories speaks to people from every corner of the globe, evoking dreams of travel, exploration and moving around in impeccable style.

Voyager GMT in steel
The 41.5mm steel case of Louis Vuitton's Voyager GMT watch is also available with a strap made from supple Taurillon leather (£3,700).

A watch is undoubtedly one of the most useful travel companions and Louis Vuitton expands its range of watches with the new Voyager GMT watch collection, made specifically for men who travel. Emblazoned with a bold letter 'V' for Vuitton across the centre of the dial, this handsome newcomer displays the second time zone on a large disc at the foot of the 'V', divided into two colours to differentiate night from day.

What’s the difference between a GMT and a world time watch?

Louis Vuitton has produced several travel watches in the past including the GMT Tambour VVV watch last year and the spectacular Escale Worldtime, a highly sophisticated world timer that chimes the time without the aid of hands. To spot the difference between a GMT watch and a world time watch, take a look at the dial. If there is a disc with the names of 24 cities around the world, you are almost certainly looking at a world timer. GMT watches, also known as dual-time watches, are simpler to handle and less expensive, with the time in two places displayed simultaneously. Local time is set on the dial and the 24-hour disc is used to consult home time.

Voyager GMT watch in pink gold
Emblazoned with a bold letter 'V' for Vuitton, this 41.5mm pink gold model displays the second time zone on a disc below (£12,200).

The new Voyager GMT: around the world in LV style

The personality of the Voyager GMT is masculine and contemporary and strongly imbued with the design codes of the Maison. One look at the watch, with the pronounced letter 'V' - signalling 12 o’clock and again travelling across the equator of the dial -  and you just know that this is a Louis Vuitton creation. Aesthetically commanding, the letter 'V' is like an arrow drawing the eye towards the 24-hour GMT scale, and its pointed tip is used to signal the home time. The 24-hour disc is divided into two colours to indicate day and night – a practical feature that will avoid you making calls to your loved ones at home in the middle of the night.

How would you describe the case? Is it round, is it square or is it a combination of both? Some of you might recognise the case, which was used to house Louis Vuitton’s mesmerising Voyager Tourbillon Volant Poinçon de Genève watch, a flying tourbillon which was awarded the Geneva Seal. As hard as it is to find a fitting adjective to describe the case, the 41.5mm case is harmonious and inviting. The sharp angles of the letter V and the triangular tip of the hours hand contrast with the plump hour markers and cushion-shaped luminescent pads placed on the inner bezel, a nice feature when consulting the time in the dark.

Who makes Louis Vuitton watches?

The Voyager GMT collection is equipped with a mechanical automatic movement and, like all the mechanical watches at Louis Vuitton, is made at La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton in Geneva, a specialised complication manufacture headed by the dynamic watchmaking duo Michel Navas and Enrico Barbasini. 

Voyager GMT in steel
As you would expect from a brand that has specialised in leather goods for well over a century, the leather strap is made from Taurillon leather (£3,700).

Versatility is the name of the game

As you would expect from a Maison that has specialised in leather goods for well over a century, the leather strap that accompanies the two stainless steel versions of the watch is made from the brand's famous Taurillon leather, with its slightly grained surface and extremely supple characteristics. Alternatively, you can acquire the watch on a practical stainless steel bracelet. A luxurious pink gold version with a smart navy blue dial and a matching blue alligator strap also forms part of the Voyager GMT crew.


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