Seven different moods weave their way through the new Paris Nouvelle Vague collection from Cartier

Cartier's new Paris Nouvelle Vague collection comprises seven strikingly different suites to appeal to the myriad moods of a woman.


An homage to the city with which it will forever be associated and the stylish ladies who walk its streets, Cartier's Paris Nouvelle Vague collection captures the different moods of a woman in a new range of jewels.

Unlike anything Cartier has created before, Paris Nouvelle Vague is divided into seven strikingly different suites, each named after those charming traits that are inside every spirited Parisian woman. The 'Mischievous' jewels are colourful and fun, extravagant and tactile, combining blue lapis lazuli, green chrysoprase and diamonds in clusters of stones that jingle playfully, while 'Voluptuous' pieces mirror the baroque splendour of a palace, set with precious pink pearls and diamonds.

The graphic silhouettes that distinguish the 'Emancipated' jewels recall the architectural rigour of the 1920s but with a thoroughly modern edge. Ribbons of smoked quartz, haematite, amethyst and calibrated diamonds sit side by side in perfect symmetry. The ring, in particular, is spectacular.

The new 'Sparkling' jewels are like mini fireworks, with explosions of gold beads bursting from a ring or descending from a necklace in a shimmering trail, while a 'Glamour' ring and bracelet are darkly curvaceous, contrasting black lacquer with diamonds.

Amongst all the Paris Nouvelle Vague pieces are two suites that are more quietly stylish than the rest, filled with easy-to-wear pieces that are destined to become much-loved favourites. An 'Impish' necklace features overlapping circles of onyx, diamonds and lapis lazuli, perched in petite clusters along a gold opera-length chain. 'Delicate' rings twist elegantly around the finger and diamond-set circles swirl in perpetual motion on a pendant.

Cartier's new Paris Nouvelle Vague collection might have been designed with the Parisian lady in mind, but women all over the world who appreciate great design will be able to relate to these jewels. A collection with myriad personalities and a multitude of highlights, view the whole Paris Nouvelle Vague collection here.


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