Reflections of the French capital in Cartier's Paris Nouvelle Vague collection

Cartier has created an homage to the city with which it will forever be associated with its new Paris Nouvelle Vague collection of jewels.


Cartier's Paris Nouvelle Vague collection captures the architecture and sights of Paris in a new range of jewels. Famous for its landmarks, celebrated for its green spaces and renowned for its nighlife, Paris is an irresistible force that sweeps you along from one district to the next, beguiled by its myriad charms. The architecture and moods of the city are crystallised in four different families of jewels that have the power to evoke, like a mirage, the magic of the French capital.

Snapshots of stolen moments in Paris are captured in the 'Mischievous' jewels, with lapis lazuli cabochons and chrysoprase in shades of blue and green that jingle atop a ring - a colourful nod to the side of a Parisian woman that remains forever young. Like the architecture of the Trocadero, a place for art and reflection, the 'Emancipated' jewels are bold and graphic, with half-spheres of smoked quartz, haematites, amethysts and diamonds giving each piece a radically modern feel.

The 'Sparkling' pieces explode in a confection of gold beads, which burst from jewels like fireworks. In two of the pieces, amethysts and diamonds have been set into the beads, creating a waterfall of colour designed to shimmer in the city lights after dark.

Strolling hand in hand down the Quais de Seine with Paris at her feet, Cartier's new 'Glamour' jewels mirror that moment when day turns to evening and the possibilities are endless. A ring swirls sensuously around the finger in waves of black lacquer and diamonds, while a bracelet encircles the wrist in a seductive, after-dark embrace.

With its new collection, Cartier, that most Parisian of jewellers, has created a paeon to the city with which it is will forever be associated - a love story that captures its streets, its spirit and, of course, its eternally elegant customers.

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