Pomellato's Fantina gets off to a galloping start

A brand-new jewellery line confirms the Milanese jeweller’s prowess in crafting sophisticated gold jewels with a contemporary soul.

Pomellato Fantina jewels worn by Princess Matilde Borromeo

Fantina, that means a female jockey in Italian, takes Pomellato right back to its roots. Founded in 1967 by Pino Rabolini, the grandson of a family of goldsmiths, Rabolini chose the name Pomellato, which means ‘dappled’ in Italian for  his deep love of horses.  The new Fantina jewels harness the pure lines and aesthetic appeal of all things equestrian.

Pomellato Fantina open bangle in rose gold
The taut yet simple lines of Fantina are enhanced by diamond pavés that are sensitively placed so as not to detract from the power of the strong elliptical shapes of the jewels.

Fantina takes up the reins in the spirit of Rabolini who was something of a dreamer. After striking out on his own, rather than continue making traditional gold jewels that men would buy their wives, he strove to create designs for a new generation at the dawn of women’s liberation. Pomellato's early jewels resonated with the mood of the era when women became fearless in making their voices heard and taking their own decisions.  Pomellato’s first designs were bold and simple, unfussy and easy to wear, much like the parallel transformation taking place in the world of fashion in this era. Fantina offers women jewels that are empowering and elegant with a bravely minimalist air. Soft on the skin yet with an assertive presence, Fantina speaks to women who are not afraid to make their mark.

Pomellato Fantina earrings in white gold and diamonds
The abstract shapes of the Fantina jewels evoke the utilitarian chic of the equestrian universe tempered by the style of Milanese mid-century design as seen in these white gold and diamond earrings.

The abstract sweeping forms are reminiscent of Milan’s post-war architecture and are sculptural in their volume and simplicity. Diamonds are used with restraint and they highlight rather than dominate the designs. They bring a luxurious yet understated sparkle tucked into the inner curves of the elliptical shapes of the jewels. The seamless lines of gold speak of the talent of Pomellato’s goldsmiths who make gold flow effortlessly and skim over the skin with ease. There are no visible clasps, hinges or unnecessary details.

Pomellato has chosen Princess Matilde Borromeo as its ambassador for this collection. The high profile horse rider and breeder is a modern day amazon who embodies the spirit of this powerful collection with a mind of its own.

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