Pomellato's CEO Sabina Belli interview

Sabina Belli tells us how she has made women's empowerment and a supportive sisterhood the backbone of her strategy for this Italian jeweller.

Sabina-Belli portrait CEO Pomellato

Since 2015 Sabina Belli has been at the helm of the Pomellato Group as CEO, directing both Pomellato and its sister company Dodo.  As one of the few women CEOs she has made her mark on the Italian jewellery firm with a particularly feminine touch. As well overseeing the strategic direction and design path of the firm, Ms. Belli has made sure that women are at the heart of all that the firm does.

Ms. Belli kick-started her career in advertising at the WPP group and moved into Product Management with L'Oréal.  She held several senior marketing roles in the LVMH Group and moved up to was Brand Executive Vice President at Bulgari prior to joining Pomellato.

In 2017, Ms. Belli launched the Pomellato for Women campaign, aimed at empowering women and offering support of female leadership. The ambassadors for the brand are very real women who have succeeded in a range of fields, led by the Italian businesswoman and model Chiara Ferragni (below).

Chiara Ferragni as well as being Pomellato’s brand ambassador is also at the head of the Italian jeweller’s Sisterhood Initiative that promotes female empowerment. Here she wears Nudo jewels. Photo credit:  Cass Bird 

The Pomellato Sisterhood Initiative includes the likes of British chef and philanthropist Emma Weymouth, the DJ princess Cila Ruffo di Calabria and the Argentine show-jumping champion and model Delfina Blaquier.  Fantina, the latest jewellery launch from the brand is brought to life by accomplished equestrian competitor and horse-breeder Princess Matilde Borromeo. From red carpet moments with inspiring women like Jane Fonda or Cate Blanchett to supporting women's charities, Pomellato is committed to furthering the rights of women. 

Queen of the red carpet, Jane Fonda, took to the Oscars stage to present the award for Best Picture in Pomellato diamond jewels whilst also making a powerful statement about sustainability.  

Pomellato was founded in 1967 by Pino Rabolino who wanted to break away from the traditional approach of creating status-symbol jewels that men bought for women. Rabolino tapped into the design powerhouse of Milanese post-war design and the excitement of the Summer of Love to make jewels for a new generation of strong-minded women. Pomellato’s easy-to-wear jewels in bold gold shapes were the start of a journey, now in the hands of the very able Ms. Belli.


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