Beautifully flawed:Pomellato's Kintsugi jewels break new ground

Pomellato travels to Japan to reveal a precious new interpretation of the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi in its new jewels.

Pomellato Kintsugi Collection rings in rose gold with jet and kogolong

In keeping with its Milanese post-war origins, Pomellato adheres to a rigorous design ethos. The creative team, headed by Vincenzo Castaldo, are custodians of the spirit of the founder Pino Rabolini, who in 1967, embarked on a quest to bring modernity to the world of traditional jewels.  The new Kintsugi one-of-a-kind capsule collection of  jewels are true to Pomellato’s spirit of innovation and its constant search for a rare kind of beauty, often found in the most unexpected of places.

In this vein,  Pomellato's first collection of jewels for 2021, has sought out the traditional Japanese repairing technique of kintsugi that uses gold resin to fuse together shattered pieces of porcelain. The technique is used to lovingly mend broken jet (ancient fossilised wood) and kogolong (a volcanic stone) and in doing so, transforms what once would have been discarded into a jewel of flawed, yet soulful beauty. The goal of an artificially perfect ideal makes way for a deeper appreciation of man’s complex relationship with nature. Gold finds its way into the very fissures of the stones in this intriguing yet harmonious new relationship with the natural world.

Jet ring from the Kintsugi collection by Pomellato
A master kintsugi artist in Japan works with Pomellato to bring new life and value to shattered pieces of jet and kogolong that would normally be discarded. 

As well as being sustainable in its use of damaged gemstones, these kintsugi jewels resonate with the philosophy of mindfulness that increasingly infuses diverse aspects of our lives. Castaldo explains: ‘I was drawn to the elegance of Japanese thinking and the idea of something broken becoming more precious through this ritual of repairing. The idea of celebrating your scars as a sign of strength through healing is a very contemporary philosophy. And repurposing rather than discarding is so relevant to our own lives and our commitment to sustainability.’

Kogolong ring from the Kintsugi collection by Pomellato
Jet and kogolong are chosen for their opacity and softly facetted in the Pomellato style for these jewels from the Kinstugi high jewellery collection 2021.

Castaldo became fascinated with the technique when he was visiting Japan in 2019 looking for inspiration to create a unique collection for the Pomellato Tokyo boutique. The idea grew and soon a master kintsugi artist was working hand in hand with Casa Pomellato’s skilled craftsmen and women. The result is the ultimate luxury up-cycling with each exquisitely repaired stone telling a story of its own. Milan and Tokyo may be many miles apart, but the project has revealed an uncommon vision of beauty that embraces diversity and imperfection with sublime mastery.

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