Claudio Pino provides the futuristic jewels for The Hunger Games Catching Fire

With 'Catching Fire' fever at its peak, watch out for The Hunger Games jewels worn by Caesar Flickerman and Cinna, designed by jeweller Claudio Pino.


It's an image that has been teasing fans of the Suzanne Collins-penned trilogy for months now: a perma-tanned, purple-haired Stanley Tucci as Hunger Games host Caesar Flickerman in the latest instalment of the movie franchise, 'Catching Fire', decked out in his usual flamboyant finery and, if you look a little closer, wearing a pinkie ring by Quebec-based jeweller Claudio Pino.

There has been so much hype surrounding the movie and that is, in part, down to its incredibly vivid depiction of the Capitol and its inhabitants. With their futuristic wardrobes, the larger-than-life characters must have been a dream to work with for costume designer Trish Summerville and her team of stylists.

It was Trish who sourced the Claudio Pino rings worn by both Caesar Flickerman and Cinna, Katniss' stylist - played by Lenny Kravitz. Looking for extravagant, glamorous and futuristic jewels, Trish chose Pino's Interactive Mirror and Vena Amoris rings from the Black Velvet Collection for Caesar, and a silver and onyx ring for Cinna to evoke the unique style of both characters.

"These rings embody the desire to be unique and powerful," explains Pino of his sculptural creations. "For Trish, my aesthetic signature was the perfect fit for the unique world of 'The Hunger Games'. Since the posters of Caesar Flickerman were first unveiled, I have received more than 100 emails, some requesting me to design rings in the spirit of The Hunger Games, others inviting me to exhibit my rings." 

Pino's dynamic designs already caught my eye this summer, when I contacted him to find out more about his jewels, which at the time I thought were pure science fiction. The response to his starring role in 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire', the runaway hit of the year, proves that there is always room for a little fantasy in jewellery design.

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