Get the look: the rise of vintage style engagement rings

If you’re keen on designs from days gone by but are not confident buying original vintage jewellery, opt for a vintage-style engagement ring instead.

Richard Ogden in the Burlington Arcade in London recreates antique rings that look remarkably like the originals, restoring the gemstones to their original lustre and resetting them in a vintage-style mount.

By Åse Anderson in London

Choosing an engagement ring that looks dated before the wedding confetti has even settled on the ground is a fear that grips many a bride-to-be.

While it is true that fashions for engagement rings come and go, vintage engagement rings have a timeless quality that lends them an enduring appeal. But finding an original vintage engagement ring can be a minefield if you have no prior knowledge of shopping for antique jewellery, not to mention the fact that vintage rings that have already been worn for decades are often in a poorer condition than you might wish for a ring you intend on wearing for the rest of your life.

The clever alternative is a vintage style engagement ring, which gives you the piece of mind of owning a new engagement ring, imbued with the look of a different era.

Many jewellers are tapping into the trend for designs from days gone by, making shopping for a vintage-style engagement ring easier than ever. Certain diamond cuts, such as the cushion, Asscher, emerald and rose cut, have a distinct vintage vibe while other design details, like a single or double diamond pavé halo around the centre stone, also help to create an heirloom look.

There are many beautiful designs that fall into the "vintage style ring" category, such as Harry Winston's Belle engagement ring with a round brilliant diamond surrounded by a halo of micropavé diamonds.

British jeweller Cred creates engagement rings with an ethical backbone. This Deco Trilogy ring with five contemporary cut stones in a stepped setting is reminiscent of the elegant Art Deco period. Hattie Rickards is also concerned with the ethics of jewellery making and uses only Fairtrade gold in her designs, which include this lovely Deco-style engagement ring. She offers a bespoke service and can even recycle old jewels, giving new life to something old yet treasured.

For a more unusual take on the vintage style, Jade Jagger's diamond engagement ring adds a modern twist to the traditional halo design.

View our gallery of rings to see the wide range of stylish alternatives to authentic vintage that are out there.

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