Engagement rings: Timeless diamonds

'Set for You' by Cartier "You're Mine". Prices for Set for You start at £3,000 credit Fabien Sarazin

You can't go wrong with an all white diamond engagement ring to go with that white dress you will be wearing down the aisle. Here are some eternal favourites for the 'down on one knee' moment. White metal favours a diamond better but I would go for platinum over white gold. Though platinum is more expensive and notoriously difficult to work, in my opinion is preferable to white gold that has a rhodium plating over it. The rhodium plating gives white gold a nice bright shine and sparkle but over the years it does wear away, particularly on an engagement ring that sits next to a wedding band. Have a look at both when you are at the jewellers and ask how much a rhodium re-plate costs and how often it needs re-dipping. Cartier offer 'Set for You' a bespoke service in which you can choose the diamond and setting. De Beers also have a selection of styles with prices starting at £1,500 as well as pretty options in pink and yellow diamonds. Boodles are a British classic and Harry Winston the New York big name, and offer an ever growing range of rings and prices. Van Cleef  & Arpels as well as offering more exotic shapes, also have gorgeous more traditional engagment rings.

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