The Jewellery Editor survey: the results are in

We thought you would like to hear the results of our recent survey. If you took the time to complete it, a big thank you.

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At the end of last year we invited you, our readers, to take part in an online survey to find out a bit more about you so we can make sure our watch and jewellery content is tailored to your needs. Here we share some of the fascinating findings with you.

The Jewellery Editor would like to thank its readers for their loyalty and looks forward to exciting new partnerships in the future.

With a monthly global reach of two million through our online magazine and social media hub, The Jewellery Editor has an international and affluent readership. More than two thirds (39%) live in Europe, while 28% reside in the Americas and Asia.

The average annual household income is £120,000 - placing our readers in the top 1% of earners in the UK. You are well travelled, taking on average 20 short and long-haul flights every year. Perhaps this also explains why more than half (58%) prefer to read The Jewellery Editor on an easily transportable mobile or tablet device.

We know that you all share a passion for luxury jewellery and/or watches and, on average, spend more than £10,000 a year on purchases from these two sectors. Each of our readers owns approximately 29 pieces of luxury jewellery and 10 watches. Some of these may have been purchased at auction as almost two thirds (64%) are partial to a spot of adrenaline-packed bidding.

With a taste for the finer things in life, our readers also appreciate a gastronomic experience, with 83% regularly eating out at good restaurants. The gender split of our readership is 59% female and 41% male, with the majority (52%) falling into the 25-44 age bracket. Interestingly, three quarters of those who read The Jewellery Editor do not work in the jewellery and watch industry, and visit the website either due to personal interest or wanting to get the lowdown on a product before committing to a purchase.

At the end of last year, our readers were invited to take part in an online survey, here we share the results. Picture credit: Death to The Stock Photo

Thanks to our engaging editorial content and ever-growing Window Shopping section, more than a third (35%) are inspired to make a purchase. “I get gift ideas for my loved ones by reading The Jewellery Editor,” said one reader, while another enthused “It really captures individual wristwatches as indicative of trends.”

We also asked you to mark us on the quality of our videos and content, and here we received a resounding 85%, with almost two thirds (65%) saying you have recommended The Jewellery Editor to friends, family and colleagues. Comments on our editorial content included “Ahead of competitors, buzzy, finger on the pulse”, as well as “Good scoop on new products” and “The site is so well edited and curated. It really hits the mark on identifying the latest in jewellery and watch trends.” The revamped design of our website also seems to have met with approval, with one reader declaring it “Visually excellent with a high-quality look and feel.”

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So, once again, we extend our heartfelt thanks for taking the time to complete our survey and we look forward to sharing many more features, stories, product launches and videos with you in 2016.

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Every contribution is hugely appreciated and key to ensuring our future.

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