Apr 2016
Jul 2016
  • Moscow (Russia)

  • One off event
  • location: Moscow
  • address: Exhibition Hall of the Assumption Belfry, Kremlin Museums
  • phone: +7 495 695 4146
  • web: ilgizf.show
  • opening hours:

    10am-5pm daily, apart from Thursdays when the museum is closed. 

Dubbed the “champion of enamel”, award-winning Russian jewellery designer Ilgiz Fazulzyanov’s handcrafted jewels are reminiscent of incredibly detailed and colourful miniature paintings. Designing under the moniker Ilgiz F, he is one of only a handful of jewellers in the world to have mastered a plethora of jewellery-making techniques, including filigree, engraving, coining and, of course, enamelling. This month he becomes the first living designer to be honoured with a solo exhibition at the Kremlin since Pierre-Karl Fabergé in 1917. 

The exhibition is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for both jewellery and art enthusiasts to trace Ilgiz F’s work, from his student days through to his internationally lauded one-of-a-kind masterpieces. A selection of drawings and sketches will also be on display, and multimedia screens will stream documentary footage from Ilgiz’s workshop, allowing visitors to see all stages of jewellery production. 

Ilgiz opened his first workshop in 1992 and, as well as creating his own jewels, he is regularly called upon to help restore 19th century enamel jewellery at museums such as the Kremlin Armoury and the V&A in London. We can but marvel at his uncanny ability to replicate the world around him with such painstaking precision in the most beautiful bejewelled forms. 

Not to be missed Not to be missed

The exhibition will also include some of the unique watch faces Ilgiz F has created for Swiss watchmaker BOVET 1822.


  • Moscow
  • address: Exhibition Hall of the Assumption Belfry, Kremlin Museums