Annoushka Ducas curates a selection of jewellery by Ilgiz Fazulzyanov, the leading force of Russian design

A selection of jewels by Ilgiz Fazulzyanov- Russian master and revivalist of exquisite enamel jewellery and ancestral techniques- is now available at Annoushka.

Ilgiz for Annoushka Hortensia gold ring featuring enamelled flowers with yellow and white diamonds surrounding a faceted pearl (£28,500).

By Ase Anderson in London

Annoushka Ducas has a treat in store for us this autumn. She has curated a selection of jewels by celebrated Russian jeweller Ilgiz Fazulzyanov, which will be available exclusively at Annoushka stores in the UK.

Known by the moniker Ilgiz F, the Moscow-based jeweller almost singlehandedly flies the flag for Russian jewellery design around the world. Ilgiz launched his eponymous jewellery collection in the late 1990s, and in 2011 he became the first Russian designer to win the coveted first prize at the International Jewellery Design Excellence Awards in Hong Kong. 

His meticulous hands-on approach to jewellery design is outlined in TJE's profile on Ilgiz earlier this year. The designer draws inspiration from both Western and Eastern cultures and doesn't shy away from using an array of styles and techniques, including filigree, engraving, embossing and enamelling. 

Ilgiz's collection for Annoushka combines extraordinary faceted pearls and exquisite enamel in designs inspired by nature and depicted in intricate detail. The jewels are literally bursting with blooms, such as irises, thistles, and poppies - each one prettier than the next. The rich colour of deep red rubies comes to the fore when set against 18-carat yellow gold and a generous smattering of white diamonds in the Carnation Earrings. 

With a delicate prettiness and petals so life-like that they demand a second look to check that they're not real, the Wisteria chandelier earrings are truly stunning. If your tastes are for bolder pieces, the Burdock ring is a statement piece to be reckoned with. Intertwined flowers climb up a ruby-covered base towards the central pearl in a design that is as innovative as it is breathtaking. 

Annoushka Ducas says: "I was struck by Ilgiz's extraordinary use of faceted pearls juxtaposed with the most exquisite enamels continuing the legacy of the great Russian masters. His contemporary designs and incredible craftsmanship are a revelation."

Ilgiz himself says of his designs: "I want to express the entire diversity of the world of nature, watching and always discovering its multifarious beauty."

Ilgiz F joins the line-up of handpicked guest designers at Annoushka, which also includes Arpita Navlakha, Selim Mouzannar, and Wendy Yue. 

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