Seduction by design at Louis Vuitton

The Tambour Monogram Star and Tambour Toile de Monogram - two new Louis Vuitton watches for women - bring the excitement of high design to the wrist.

Louis Vuitton Montre Tambour Monogram Star dial

With the arrival of a fresh batch of alluring new drum-shaped Louis Vuitton watches, it is clear that modern timekeeping moves to the beat of the catwalk. One look at the glossy red Tambour Monogram Star and the tan Tambour Toile de Monogram confirms that these watches for women are every bit as stylish as Vuitton’s couture and leather creations.

Like any item embossed with the famous logo, these Louis Vuitton watches are infused with the house style. LV has made an art of seduction by design, evident in its perennially popular handbags and the alluring array of colours and styles of its seasonal catwalk hits. Vuitton’s watch designers are in tune with the ethos of this French luxury goods master, which knows it takes more than the obvious to woo the style-conscious global connoisseur.

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Louis Vuitton uses the centuries-old technique of metal engraving, known as guilloché, together with a holographic effect on its new 33mm Tambour Monogram Star ladies' watch.

You can take for granted the reliability and precision of a Louis Vuitton watch, as quality underpins the brand and is the starting point for any great product. But Vuitton goes further and takes luxury watches into a new dimension of desirability.

The new Tambour Monogram Star watch is a fine example of turning the need to tell the time into a luxury item, desirable as much for its beautiful looks as its function. It’s all about a carefully orchestrated allure embedded in the rich shimmer of the magenta lacquered dial and the glossy strap, all helped along by a generous measure of diamonds. Add in the unique Louis Vuitton details and the watch moves from the luxury arena into the must-have orbit.

Vuitton brings out the best of tradition in a thoroughly contemporary way, and each detail draws on the house’s myriad skills with a contemporary application of craftsmanship for the 21st century. Take the lacquer dial: multiple layers of lacquer over an engraved guilloché sunray pattern are further enhanced by a hologram-effect Monogram star. Who but Vuitton would have thought of using the centuries-old technique of metal engraving, known as guilloché, together with a holographic effect?

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To add another tier of luxury, the famous star-shape found on all Vuitton products is picked out in sparkling diamonds - 0.66 carats for the 28mm version; 1.01 carats for the 33mm version. To complete the look, the magenta strap in varnished leather is embossed with the Monogram logo.

The use of a golden brown tone on the Tambour Toile de Monogram watch brings to mind LV's sumptuous handbags and leather goods.     

Likewise, the Tambour Toile de Monogram brings the universe of Louis Vuitton to the watch. The use of the golden brown - or mordoré - tone, both on the dial and the shiny embossed and varnished leather strap, immediately brings to mind the sumptuous handbags and leather goods. The dial is decorated with multiple layers of lacquer to create the shimmering pattern of the famous Vuitton Monogram canvas made up of star and flower shapes. The outer rim of the dial is set with a ring of diamonds and each hour is marked by another one of these precious stones.

Louis Vuitton’s approach to making watches for women is the same as for its handbags and clothes, which are designed to be stylish and desirable. This can mean only one thing: you now have an excuse to wear a watch for each season. 

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