• address: 231 Rue Saint Honoré - 75001
  • tel: +33 142 611 171
  • tube: Tuileries and Concorde

One step inside Lydia Courteille's boutique and you will instantly feel the creative spirit of the Maison. Her marvellous creations evoke a dreamlike world, free from the traditional restrictions of her neighbours. The royal blue and deep purple hues of the interior instantly remind you of a Parisian boudoir from a bygone era.

Decorated with mythical creatures, pavéd skulls and jewelled flowers, each piece tells its own wild story. A passionate connoisseur of gemstones and history, Lydia Courteille has one of the best antique jewellery collections in the city. Her elaborate window displays change twice a year, making this a Parisian jewellery destination you should go out of your way to visit.

Why visit? Why visit?

A cabinet of curiosities filled with gemstones and one-of-a-kind pieces that tell Lydia Courteille’s uniquely colourful story. 

Lydia Courteille has personally created more than 30 jewellery collections since she began designing more than 10 years ago. Designed by hand, each adventurous piece is individual and unexpected, inspired by her unique background and limitless imagination. As a qualified gemologist, she personally selects each exquisite gemstone for her creations, from colourful sapphires to vivid opals and electric-green garnets. Her flair for the exotic ensures that no two pieces of jewellery are alike.

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  • address: 231 Rue Saint Honoré
  • tube: Tuileries and Concorde