Unwrap a Christmas Cracker Bonbon from Ritz Fine Jewellery this December

Half the fun of receiving a present is in the opening. Choose a gift from Ritz Fine Jewellery and have it wrapped for you in a festive Christmas Bonbon Cracker.


By Victoria Engelmann in London

Half the fun of receiving a present is in the opening, so with this in mind, Ritz Fine Jewellery has created the Christmas Bonbon Cracker. Designed in signature Ritz blue wrapping and decorated with a silver ribbon trim, this festive cracker opens with a satisfying snap - an elegant and fun creation to surprise someone with at the Christmas table.

The choice of gift is, of course, entirely down to you. Available exclusively at the Ritz Fine Jewellery boutique at The Ritz Hotel in London, you can choose from a wide array of exclusive fine jewellery, perfume bottles and watches, or, for men, cufflinks set with coloured gemstones.

With coloured diamonds ending the year on a high and their popularity set to continue throughout 2014 and beyond, the Ritz Fine Jewellery floral ring, set with a 6.44ct pink diamond, makes the perfect gift for a jewellery lover. Men, meanwhile, will love the gold Sugar Loaf cufflinks, each set with an unusual sugar loaf-cut cabochon peridot.

For any last-minute shoppers, you can visit the Ritz Fine Jewellery boutique at The Ritz Hotel right up until Christmas eve to get your gift wrapped for you in a Christmas Bonbon Cracker.

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