Tiffany's star-studded Blue Book Ball in New York

Carey Mulligan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and S-J Parker wore Tiffany jewels to the Gatsby era-themed Blue Book Ball in New York at the Rockefeller Center.


Tiffany & Co hosted its annual Blue Book ball at the historic Rockefeller Center in New York last April 18 to celebrate the launch of its new collection of statement jewels. This year the jewels, and the Ball, were themed around Jazz Age New York in the run up to the premiere of the new 'Great Gatsby' film. Tiffany & Co collaborated with the creators of the film to make the jewels worn on screen.

The Blue Ball 2013 was attended by Carey Mulligan star of the new 'The Great Gatsby' film as well as producer, director and co-writer Baz Luhrmann and production designer Catherine Martin. New York A-lister Sarah Jessica-Parker and Jessica Biel also attended as did London-based Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson.

Adding an extra dose of sparkle some guests chose jewels from the new Blue Book collection to wear on the night. Carey Mulligan, who by now knows the Gatsby jewels well, wore simple diamond drop earrings. Gwyneth Paltrow pinned to one shoulder of her draped dress a large butterfly embellished with black opals, Montana sapphires and diamonds and a matching wide cuff bracelet. Jessica Biel chose to wear in her hair a diamond brooch inspired by the French Crown jewels with a currant-leaf motif that looked fresh and natural despite its high value. Kate Hudson tactfully wore an almost Tiffany-blue chiffon gown with a pair of Morganite earrings and a diamond and sapphire bracelet. Sarah-Jessica Parker chose a spectacular tanzanite pendant and ring that beamed out their velvety violet hue. 

As mist swirled around the lofty peak of the Rockefeller Center all eyes were on a very large blue box in the centre of the covered-over ice rink as guests entered into a 1920's night-club scene complete with dancing girls in sequins and two be-plumed vedettes on swings, swaying and smiling down to the guests. Normally exposed to the elements, tonight the golden statue of Prometheus of the Rockefeller Centre was in the company of New York's most glamorous men and women. A jazz band played, the Roquettes danced and a buffet of lobster and steak was offered to the guest and of course, the champagne flowed. Gatsby would have approved. 

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