Pomellato strikes out with a confident look for 2023

Pomellato invigorates its iconic designs and reveals inspiring new brand ambassadors that reinforce appeal of this sophisticated Milanese jeweller.

Benedetta Porcaroli wearing Together shot by Gregory Harris

Spring is barely here and already Pomellato is showing a promising start to the year with four bold jewellery launches and two compelling young brand ambassadors.

Up-to-the-minute designs for Catene, Nudo and Sabbia are joined by an entirely new collection called Pomellato Together and worn in the latest campaigns by the 23 year-old American actress and producer Joey King and Italian star Benedetta Porcaroli. In touch with a new generation, Pomellato chose King for her courage in embracing challenging roles and her ambitious projects that go beyond the norm. She is joined by the Italian actress Benedetta Porcaroli, who appears in a campaign shot by New Zealand native Gregory Harris. Committed to empowering women, the new images show the strength and unique beauty of these young women who dare to break with convention.

Pomellato Together ring with brown diamonds by Pomellato
The POMELLATO TOGETHER jewels are gender fluid and symbolise the power of two represented by the double bands that are united by a solid link. 

As for the jewels, the Pomellato Together Collection consists of mainly gender-fluid, easy to wear gold jewels with diamond and colour gemstone accents. Like all Pomellato jewels, they are elegantly minimal in form and made to be worn alone or mixed up, any way you want. Highlights are the rings and bracelets made up of two bands of gold joined by a link. The symbolism of the design is evident as the two sweeping gold bands meet as if in an embrace. The rings can be worn either revealing or concealing the link hinting at the mystery of love in all its forms. Pomellato’s Creative Director Vincenzo Castaldo says: ‘Our aim was to capture the beauty of togetherness in a very Pomellato way that is essential, inclusive and refined, inspired by Milanese design. The Pomellato Together Collection celebrates modern love in all its wonderful diversity.’

Sabbia ring by Pomellato
Pomellato’s new Sabbia rings feature a mix of white and brown diamond pavés with solitaire diamonds for a ready-made stack that is easy to combine with other Sabbia rings. 

Sabbia is Pomellato’s take on diamonds and in particular the irregular diamond pavé. The pavé is a jigsaw of diamonds in different shapes, sizes and even colour that give each jewel an organic and luxuriously laid-back feel. What's new this season is the addition of diamond solitaires alongside the Sabbia pavé. This combination appears in 'mix and match' earrings that are sold as singles. The interchangeable solitaire diamond stud and pavé drops are ideal for creating interesting and ever changing looks on ears with multiple piercings.

The slender open rings are perfect for stacking or spreading across the hand in imaginative ways. The multi-band rings offer ready-made combinations of diamond solitaires and pavés for a hip, on-trend look.

It is fair to say that no other jeweller does chains quite as imaginatively and as beautifully executed as Pomellato. There’s a reason for this: the house has its origins in the world of chain making.  Founder of Pomellato Pino Rabolino came from a family of well-established chain makers and his mission was to embrace the family’s heritage of exceptional goldsmithing and use it to make chic but easy to wear, everyday jewels. Since Pomellato’s birth in 1967, chains have been a defining feature of the house.

Catene ring in white gold with white diamonds by Pomellato
The famous Catene, based on the chubby ‘gourmette’ link is transformed into a flexible, diamond-set ring that is part of the new larger Catene designs that feature a luxurious dusting of diamonds.  

Given its history, it is no surprise that the Catene line is a perennial favourite. Ever finding new ways to make chains desirable and relevant, the Catene is pumped up in volume and treated to a dusting of diamonds. The three new rings are delightfully plump and thanks to their simplicity, exude an air of confidence and glamour. A new jumbo-size choker is silky smooth and the epitome of understated Italian elegance.

Nudo ring with prasiolite,  malachite and tsavorite by Pomellato
These vibrant new Nudo doublets are made of two different layers of stone: green prasiolite with malachite, purple amethyst and mauve jade and London Blue topaz on top of midnight blue lapis lazuli. 

No Pomellato story would be complete without the Nudo. Three new gemstone doublets join this absolute icon of the house with its unforgettable square silhouette of solid colour. Always seeking out exciting new colour effects, Pomellato gives Mother Nature a hand by creating gemstone sandwiches known as doublets. Green prasiolite sits atop malachite, purple amethyst is paired with mauve jade and London Blue topaz is placed above midnight blue lapis lazuli to create a richness and depth of colour that Nature alone cannot provide. These luscious colours are brought to life with a dazzling pavé of gemstones and set into temptingly bright rings and earrings.

Prasiolite, a form of green quartz is used in new bracelet and pendant that feature the Clessidra cut with facets on both sides of the stones. The set is completed with white quartz and diamond earrings.

With designs like these, Pomellato maintains its place as the go-to jeweller for confident contemporary designs and flawless craftsmanship with an exciting rainbow array of colour options. Pomellato’s  interpretation the Milanese art of understated sophistication has proven yet again to have a timeless and universal appeal.

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