Louis Vuitton's new Voyage dans le Temps Jewellery Collection

During Paris Couture Week Louis Vuitton presented the second chapter in the Voyage dans le Temps jewellery collection. It's all about white diamonds and gold.

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text by Annabel Davidson

For a few years now, a select handful of high jewellery brands have shown new collections at the end of Paris Couture week, while prides of sleek couture customers are still prowling the city alongside the international fashion press. Louis Vuitton took the opportunity to present its new pieces in its glossy headquarters rather than its new store on the Place Vendôme, and all was dazzling white - white diamonds and white gold and no departing from it.

Adding to its 'Voyage dans le Temps' collection, creative director Lorenz Bäumer takes the all-white diamond on a voyage through time, from the Elizabethan lace collars of the 'Dentelle d'Hiver' family of jewels to the futuristic 'Monogram Infini' and 'Galaxy Monogram' ranges. All three families of jewels are united by a breathtaking lightness of settings, femininity and a whole lot of diamonds.

Lorenz Bäumer has applied the house's star-cut and flower-cut diamonds to the 'Dentelle d'hiver' range of highly articulated lace-like collars, earrings, brooches and bracelets with sinuous movement. The Belle Epoque long drop earrings and diamond chokers sit light as cobwebs on the skin thanks to the clever white gold mesh-work.

The Monogram ranges see flower shapes swirling in infinity, and the brand's circular motif repeated in bracelets and earrings. At first glance the pieces look very classical but surprise with their boldy repetitive patterns and swirls, and interesting use of different diamond cuts, such as the navette diamonds in the 'Galaxie Monogram' earrings and bracelet, which hug the white-gold star shapes, forming a glistening whole. 

You can read more about the original 2012 'Voyage dans le Temps' collection by clicking here. And  see the video with Lorenz Bäumer here.

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