Paloma's Olive Leaf by Tiffany & Co designer Paloma Picasso

Tiffany & Co. designer Paloma Picasso has captured the delicate beauty of Moroccan olive groves in a brand new collection for the famous American jeweller

Paloma's Olive Leaf earrings

With news of another bout of freezing temperatures heading our way, how kind of Tiffany & Co to remind us that spring is round the corner with the new Paloma's Olive Leaf collection, which transports you to a colourful oasis rich in foliage and colour.

World-renowned designer Paloma Picasso, who has been creating jewels for Tiffany & Co since 1980, looked to the olive groves surrounding her home in Morocco for inspiration. The olive branch motif that winds its way around the collection is a symbol of peace and a reminder of why her mother and father, the famous painter Pablo Picasso, chose to name their youngest daughter Paloma. "We are all familiar with the dove carrying an olive branch as a peace offering," says Picasso. "Paloma means dove in Spanish. The jewellery I've created pays tribute both to the messenger's noble mission and gardens as a refuge of peace and tranquillity."

The two rings feature cabochon-cut gemstones - one a magnificent Rubellite the colour of a Moroccan rose, the other a striking, olive-green peridot - both set in 18ct gold. Diamond-dotted leaves creep over the four corners of each stone and twist, vine-like, around the finger. The Olive Leaf bib necklace is a remarkable piece in which Picasso combines warm yellow gold and sparkling green tsavorites to capture the intricate beauty of nature. The openwork design is repeated in the pendants, cuff and, most impressively, drop earrings (above), which feature stunning, pear-shaped Rubellites individually hand cut and set to produce maximum colour and light. Completing the collection is a simple pair of blue topaz earrings the colour of a summer sky - the perfect antidote to the turbulent weather to come. 

Paloma's Olive Leaf is available at select Tiffany & Co stores worldwide.

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