An out of this world new Voyage dans le Temps collection from Louis Vuitton

At its Paris atelier Louis Vuitton presented its new Voyage dans le Temps high jewels, set with diamonds, rare colours of spinels, opals and tourmalines.


Once again Louis Vuitton takes the theme of travel and interprets it in jewels. Following on from last year's 'Voyage dans le Temps' (read more here), this Parisian house invites us to travel beyond the limits of our planet and takes us on a journey through time with designs from Lorenz Bäumer, who has been collaborating with the house for several years.

Colour plays an important role in this collection, most notably spinels in unusual and rare hues. The chief gemologist at Vuitton travelled the world to find the best examples of exceptional spinels to add excitement to the 'Dentelle de Monogram' rings and earrings, presented last year in diamonds. Lilac spinels from Tajikistan, grey spinels from Sri Lanka or deep red ones from Tanzania add excitement and rarity value.

I was bowled over by a neon-bright blue tourmaline from Brazil, sourced from an ancient mine that quite literally glows in the dark. This impressive, attention-grabbing stone is set into a geometric and futuristic-looking ring from the 'Flashforward' collection.

The infinity knots of the 'Fleurs d'Eternité' family are brightened up with velvety-blue sapphires that contrast with the white diamonds for a timeless look with a slightly nostalgic Victorian air about them. 

The most out-of-this-world experience, however, comes from the Galaxie Monogram ring and necklace. The ring is set with an extraordinary 45.50ct Australian black opal. Stare into its swirling depths and be transported to a time when the earth was a molten ooze and beauty mingled with dark materials. 

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