Jewelry for men: Harry Winston first to use the high-tech alloy Zalium in fine jewelry and accessories

Zalium is the high-tech star of the new men's jewellery collection from Harry Winston, which includes cufflinks, pendants and even wedding bands.

With the new Zalium collection for men, Harry Winston's designers and craftsmen are the first to use the high-tech alloy Zalium in a range of fine jewellery and accessories. Pictured are the Zalium cufflinks and shirt studs.

This winter the House of Harry Winston launches the Zalium Collection, a sleek new line of men's jewellery fmade from a high-tech zirconium-based alloy.

Originally used in the aerospace industry, Zalium made its debut in the jewelry house's innovative 2001 watch collection. The alloy's chemical properties, including extreme lightness and durability, make it ideal for use in high-performance design and engineering.

With the new Zalium collection, Harry Winston's designers and craftsmen have become the first to use the material in a range of fine jewelry and accessories. Fusing elegant sophistication with modern innovation, the new collection includes cufflinks, shirt studs, pendants and even wedding bands.

Each piece is crafted out of Zalium plates that have been heat-treated to ensure the material is highly scratch- and chip-resistant before it is precision-cut and hand set into white gold. To further accentuate the alloy's lustrous black finish, each piece in the new Zalium collection of men's jewellery is set with a Harry Winston diamond. 

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