The famous Harry Winston Cluster design has evolved over the decades but its legacy lives on in new Lily Cluster jewels

An iconic Harry Winston motif since the 1940s, the 'Cluster' design lives on in new 'Lily Cluster' jewels.


Harry Winston the New York jeweller is of course known for its knock-out diamonds, but the house also upholds a strong tradition of design. And the latest newcomer to join the distinguished list are petite variants to the 'Lily Cluster', inspired by the iconic 'Cluster' and the shape of a lily.

The 'Cluster' is one of the house's best-known motifs and a continuation of the work of the late designer Ambaji Shinde (1917-2003), who interpreted in diamonds the interlocking yet apparently random forms of a holly wreath. Shinde's design legacy is formidable and his works graced the most impressive women of his times, from maharanis to Hollywood stars and even Queen Elizabeth II.

Capturing the daring modernity and energy of New York over six decades ago, the 'Cluster' freed diamonds from their heavy metal settings and created a new dance of light by mixing pear, marquise and round cut diamonds, all set in light platinum claws. The various shapes, all poised at different angles, captured the stones' maximum brilliance and light, creating an abundance of scintillating sparkles.

Each diamond is chosen for its quality and beauty, and to complement the stones around it. The mix of different cuts of diamonds is like a carefully directed orchestra, and each one has a role to play in creating a harmonious symphony rich in tone, nuance and variety. This sophisticated way in which to set the most perfect diamonds has translated across cultures and time.

The 'Lily Cluster' offers a contemporary take on diamond jewels for wearing everyday. The sculptural, open curves of the stylised lily are enhanced by round and marquise cut diamonds. The lily is an important part of Harry Winston's design legacy, with hand-drawn sketches dating back to 1947 showing the clean interlocking shapes of lily petals that look as modern today as they did over half a century ago.

The most recent additions to the 'Lily Cluster' collection are new yellow gold and platinum 'Mini' earrings and pendants. Each one combines the lightness of the open sweeps of the lily flower with diamonds nestling like dewdrops amongst the petals.

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