Colour me beautiful with Goshwara

Sweta Jain selects only the most luminous coloured gemstones for her unique Goshwara jewellery collections. 

Goshwara Sweta Jain

As the daughter of an Indian gemstone dealer, it is hardly surprising that Sweta Jain only selects the most luminous and intensely coloured gemstones for her Goshwara jewellery line. 

Naughty citrine cabochon drop earrings with garnets
These Goshwara earrings from the Naughty collection feature smooth citrine drops topped with garnet cabochons ($2,950). 
Goshwara jewellery collection. 

Sweta says: “I love the idea of being able to create with gemstones; to mix the colours. When I dress up, I wear jewellery to show how I feel at that moment. My collection reflects that.”

Working with only high-grade gemstones possessing a luminous quality that makes them appear to glow from within, Sweta sets them into minimal yellow gold, which lets the stones take centre stage.

Her expert eye for colour allows her to combine an array of hues in the same piece without it ever looking brash or over the top. In the multicoloured Mischief bracelet, for example, no fewer than eight gemstone discs sit side by side, creating an effect that is at once harmonious and eye-catching. These perfectly round discs appear throughout the Goshwara jewellery collections, in both smooth and faceted forms. 

Mischief Disc multicolour gemstone bracelet
Goshwara bracelet with citrine, peridot, blue topaz, lemon quartz, prasiolite, London topaz, amethyst and rubellite.

The name Goshwara comes from a word used in the courts of Persian and Indian kings to describe a perfect teardrop shape. Only the finest craftsmen could create a Goshwara, with its perfect proportions and luxurious curves forming a silhouette that seemed to embody the essence of femininity. This idea of pristine craftsmanship also forms the philosophy behind Goshwara’s intricate creations, which are designed and manufactured in New York. 

Sweta says: “My jewellery is designed to exude sensuous curves with colourful confidence. In a world where originality gives way to trend, Goshwara is guided by the principles of timelessness and tradition.”

The emphasis on perfection doesn’t exclude fun, however, and each piece of jewellery has a breezy ease that reflects the laidback glamour of Manhattan. With names like Gossip, Mischief and Naughty, these are jewels that let you strut with confidence and celebrate your inner diva. 


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