A flight of fancy: the Stenzhorn Fortuna necklace revealed

The Fortuna high jewellery necklace by Stenzhorn captures the charm and grace of the swallow in flight. 

Fortuna necklace by Stenzhorn Steel image

The Fortuna necklace by Stenzhorn is a high jewellery masterpiece. This exceptional creation captures a swallow in flight with shimmering diamonds and deep blue sapphires, paying homage to Nature's  beauty. Founded in 1979 in the picturesque town of Boppard, Germany, Stenzhorn has earned acclaim for its audacious designs and pioneering jewellery-making techniques. Over four decades, this family-run firm has combined traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge innovation, setting new standards in the industry.  Complete control over every step of the craftwork in its vertically integrated production centre explains Stenzhorn’s exceptional ability to create intricate jewels like the Fortuna necklace. 

The workshop’s maestros dedicated over 700 hours over four months to bring to life the one-of-a-kind jewel.  Custom-cut buff top sapphires were chosen to create a seamless silhouette, set in blackened gold to intensify their deep blue hue. Pear-shaped diamonds in white gold mimic fluttering feathers, while hidden articulations along the wings and tail bring lifelike movement to the bird. A vivid green emerald eye completes the delightful composition.

Fortuna necklace by Stenzhorn
Stenzhorn excels in seamlessly blending the colours of precious gemstones using advanced setting techniques.

The swallow, an emblematic harbinger of spring, across many cultures, symbolises renewal, hope, and joy.  In Roman mythology, the little bird that can fly almost non-stop for 320 kilometres a day, feeding in flight and drinking from clouds, was sacred and believed to be a messenger of the gods. Stenzhorn aptly named the necklace "Fortuna" after the Roman goddess of fortune, infusing it with themes of luck, transformation, and enduring beauty.

Stenzhorn's meticulous attention to detail,  innovative techniques, and skilful stone selection  bring life to this little bird that will live for many summers to come. 


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