Stenzhorn's La Moselle evokes the beauty of les roses du vin

The La Moselle masterpiece necklace captures the sweetness of childhood memories amongst vineyards and ruby-red roses.

Stenzhorn La Moselle high jewellery necklace close up

Necklaces are perfect for expressing the artistic and technical prowess of their creators. And Stenzhorn, the family-run luxury German jeweller, has made art out of its floral-inspired one-of-a-kind necklaces that it unveils yearly. Though each necklace is unique, these annual incarnations of the jeweller's highest expression all bear hallmark similarities. They feature just two different gemstones offering a two-tone composition, are constructed using advanced techniques, and, most importantly, they each tell a story. 

Founder Klaus Stenzhorn explains his philosophy: "The Stenzhorn House of Jewellery is renowned for its vanguard approach to the craft, the commitment to excellence, and daring designs."  

 La Moselle high jewellery necklace by Stenzhorn
The roses featured in the necklace reference the ‘roses du vin’ that are planted amongst the vines as they are more sensitive to the slightest changes in weather or soil conditions than the grape vines.

This year brings the La Moselle necklace, and the theme is very close to founder Klaus Stenzhorn's heart, who was born in this picture-perfect region of southwestern Germany.  Here, the Moselle River meanders through deep, verdant valleys, overlooked by fairy-tale castles and mediaeval villages that epitomise the charm of Old Europe.  Memories of sun-dappled childhood summers in this idyllic area encouraged Klaus to create the La Moselle necklace that captures these poignant moments. Klaus was inspired by the famous Moselle white wines cultivated here for centuries, and particularly the local age-old custom of planting roses amongst the vines known as 'les roses du vin'. 

The noble roses act as guardians to the precious grape vines. Sensitive to the slightest changes in weather or soil conditions, their health alerts the farmer to the well being of the vines. In addition to providing these vital survival services, the roses offer a delightful sight of rich red blooms thriving in the shade of the vine leaves. 

The La Moselle necklace, a testament to Stenzhorn's craftsmanship, is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. It features two vibrant red roses in full bloom, delicately draped around the neck on a grape vine adorned with sparkling diamonds, that evoke a dewy freshness. Clusters of red grapes, at their sweetest point, are dotted along the vine.  The necklace gracefully sweeps around the neck, mirroring the curving tendrils of the vine, and culminates in two tender, newly unfurled vine leaves. 

 La Moselle high jewellery necklace by Stenzhorn
Founder Klaus Stenzhorn created the La Moselle necklace in memory of his childhood summers in the idyllic southwest of Germany where guardian roses - known as ‘les roses du vin' - grow in between the vines and alert the farmers to potential threats to the vines.

Diamonds and rubies are the two gemstones used to create this captivating narrative. Diamonds are set into the white gold links of a flexible necklace tapered to sit on the neckline perfectly. The vine leaves are paved in white diamonds, and the marquis and brilliant cut diamonds make up the stamen and pistils at the heart of the dazzling roses. The effect of curved petals is achieved using the invisible setting technique. Each ruby is selected for a perfect colour match and then individually cut to slide onto the gold framework. The framework is invisible as the rubies are seamlessly positioned alongside each other with no gold on show. 

Stenzhorn's mastery of high jewellery techniques bring to life the enchanting memory of happy summer days with the lightest of touch. 

Click to watch an Instagram Reel of La Moselle necklace. 


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