Stenzhorn: Lighting the way in jewellery

Stenzhorn the German jewellery house opens an exciting new chapter with five easy-to-wear collections full of character and charm. 

Stenzhorn You Move Me jewels on model

Over four decades Stenzhorn has been making high-end jewels for the most demanding clients. This level of experience has given Stenzhorn a mastery over sophisticated jewellery-making skills combined with an eye for audacious design. This freedom has allowed the firm to create a wide range of jewels from one-of-a-kind, dazzlingly opulent red carpet-worthy masterpieces to everyday jewels.

Today, the Stenzhorn family embarks on a new voyage and unveils five prêt-á-porter jewellery lines that open the world of fine jewellery to a wider audience but still with the prestigious Stenzhorn hallmark of quality. Founder Klaus Stenzhorn says of the firm’s approach: "The Stenzhorn house of jewellery is renowned for its vanguard approach to the craft, the commitment to excellence and daring designs."  

Flumina pendant by Stenzhorn
The junction of the gold curves reminds us of the meandering forms of rivers as well as forming the letter ‘S’ in this Flumina lapis lazuli, white gold and diamond pendant. Stenzhorn Flumina collection.

From grand overarching themes to the smallest details, Nature is a constant muse. And like all Stenzhorn’s creations, there is a story behind every jewel. Often the stories are intimately linked Klaus’ heritage and his family home in a small town on the Rhine as well as his extensive travels to nearly every corner of the globe. Klaus’ wanderlust opened his eyes to beauty in all its forms and Stenzhorn’s jewels draw their inspiration from a wide sweep of cultures and come together in the rich melting pot of this unique firm. "Capturing the beauty of Nature in sublime works of art, which are worn around the world is my daily source of inspiration," explains Klaus.

Flumina pendant by Stenzhorn
The Flumina jewels pay homage to the great rivers of Germany, birthplace of founder Klaus Stenzhorn who weaves his heritage and global influences into beautiful jewels. Stenzhorn Flumina collection.

Starting close to home, the Flumina range (top and above) is a love letter to the beauty of the great rivers including the Rhine and the Mosselle. Flumina, that means rivers in Latin, evokes the majestic sweeps of these two waterways that converge near the Stenzhorn family home. The beauty and tranquillity of these two ancient waters with their high banks and hilltop castles are perfectly expressed in the sinuous forms of the Flumina. Soft gold curves cradle shimmering white and black mother of pearl, vibrant malachite, or deep blue lapis lazuli that evoke the ever-changing colours of the water. 

Bora Bora Supernatural diamond ring by Stenzhorn
The Bora Bora jewels were inspired by founder Klaus Stenzhorn's travels to this exotic island paradise that captured his imagination with its swaying palm trees, crashing surface and lush vegetation. 

A visit to Bora Bora left a profound impression on Klaus who was mesmerised by this far-flung paradise with its jewel-like waters, swaying coconut palms and crashing surf. He brought these treasured memories home to create the Bora Bora jewels (above and below) that convey the super natural beauty of this remarkable little island. 

Bora Bora Supernatural pendant by Stenzhorn
The Bora Bora emerald and diamond pendant is inspired by the swaying palm trees of this tropical island and its lush vegetation. Stenzhorn Bora Bora Supernatural collection

Klaus explains: “Bora Bora means created by the gods in Tahitian and I remember every moment of the feeling of the sea breeze tingling my skin as I sat on the white sandy beach. While admiring majestic Mount Otemanu, like a rough emerald rising from the sea, I promised himself never to forget the images of diving with sea turtles and manta rays, and the stunning vistas from the dormant volcanoes of the rainforests with their mountainous peaks.” Clusters of diamonds in the shape of palm fronds encircle lustrous Tahitian pearls and sea-green emeralds to evoke the exotic allure of a voyage to utopia.

Secret Circles ring by Stenzhorn
Available with either baguette or pavé diamonds, the Secret Circles ring has a spiritual message about the invisible ties that bind us together and make us whole. Stenzhorn Secret Circles collection

More abstract but no less symbolic are the white gold and diamond Secret Circles (above) inspired by the precious bonds of family and friends that tie us together. Each side of the undulating interlocking forms represents one of the six kinds of friendship as defined by the Ancient Greeks. It is these different links that enrich our lives and make us complete.  The twists and turns, the ups and downs of life are embodied in the shapes that together make a perfect whole. ‘Connectedness is a key to unlocking happiness and the invisible bonds of love take many forms,’ says Klaus of this collection with a soulful and spiritual message. 

Stenzhorn You Move Me white gold diamond enamel ring
Kinetic jewels are a speciality of Stenzhorn that now brings the know-how to the easy to wear jewels such as the You Move Me ring in which the diamonds glide along the rail. Stenzhorn You Move Me collection

Stenzhorn is well known for its kinetic jewels such as butterflies with moving wing or ladybirds whose bejewelled outer shells open to reveal a diamond set abdomen. Taking this idea into a more contemporary context, the You Move Me, Simply Brilliant range (above) is sleek and elegant in its minimalist design. The collection is tantalisingly clever yet simple: diamonds are set on rails to smoothly glide along the jewels with the slightest movement. This unique system was born from watching Japanese monorail trains that appear to skim across the city. The jewels are all made in white gold with black enamel that mimic the silhouette of a diamond.  

Plumeria On My Mind three flower necklace by Stenzhorn
The Plumeria jewels embody Klaus Stenzhorn’s philosophy of: ‘Capturing the beauty of nature in sublime works of art, which are worn around the world.’ Stenzhorn Plumeria collection

Perhaps the most personal recollection captured in the new jewels is the Plumeria design (above). The name is followed by the phrase: ‘on my mind’ as this collection is very much about Klaus’ childhood memories of his mother Lily and her beautiful, fragrant garden and in particular, the scent of lily of the valley that lingered in the air on late spring evenings. This cherished memory that binds him to his mother, was rekindled when Klaus was far from home in distant lands smelling the similarly sweet scent of the exotic and highly perfumed Plumeria flower. Since his first encounter with this beautiful flower, Klaus repeatedly found different varieties of the Plumeria across the Americas, Asia and the Caribbean as well as discovering its multiple, cross-cultural associations with nobility, charm, beauty and new beginnings. ‘Plumeria, On My Mind, is all about happiness and holiday memories. It will help you keep the feeling of summer all year round,’ says Klaus. ‘It is one of the world’s most beautiful and fragrant flowers that kept reappearing in my mind so I decided to turn it into jewellery.’ The jewels are crafted in diamonds and white gold in the form of delicate garlands (below) that adorn the body with a natural grace.

Plumeria On My Mind three flower necklace by Stenzhorn
The beauty of the Plumeria flower which is found around the world is captured in this delicate necklace in white gold set with diamonds and emeralds. Stenzhorn Plumeria collection

And finally, a look into the future for a glimpse of what is next to emerge from Stenzhorn’s design studio. And the latest arrival are the Dewdrop jewels with intriguing moving parts that make invisibly-set diamonds slide like dew over a large curved, tropical leaf. Dewdrop follows on from a long line of magnificent and complex high jewels, often featuring flowers with moving parts such as opening blossoms or trembling leaves. Though complex and sophisticated, Dewdrop can still be worn every day. Follow Stenzhorn on Instagram to be the first to see more of these exciting kinetic jewels that are a growing trend amongst jewellery connoisseurs.


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