Female Focus: an upcoming London Jewellery Exhibition at Beetles+Huxley Gallery celebrates unique and authentic craftsmanship

A new exhibition at London's Beetles+Huxley Gallery features four contemporary female jewellers who aren't afraid to transform the world through their craft.

Alice CicoliniTriple Lotus Tassel Lariat featuring freshwater cultured pearls, sapphire and ebony beads, with three carved Indonesian ebony lotus buds, each end terminating in a carved ebony dome with a blue and black silk tassel.

By Ase Anderson in London

A new exhibition at Beetles+Huxley Gallery in London puts four talented female jewellery designers in the spotlight.

Former jewellery director of Sotheby's Joanna Hardy, who is also the current jewellery expert on the BBC Antiques Roadshow, has curated the exhibition focused on women who represent the very best of contemporary jewellery design.

Entitled 'Women in the Making - Four Contemporary Jewellers', it will run from April 28 to May 24 at the gallery in Swallow Street.

Jacqueline Cullen, Ornella Iannuzzi, Gurmit Campbell and Alice Cicolini all produce jewels, which are distinctive, unique and above all feminine. Jacqueline Cullen is renowned for her use of Whitby Jet (a fossilised wood) set with gold and black diamonds whereas Ornella Iannuzzi transforms natural materials found on the beach into precious heirlooms.

Gurmit Kaur, who is returning to the jewellery scene after a sabbatical, reflects her own elegance and style through 18 carat gold and coloured gemstones, while Alice Cicolini's carved black ebony and Tahitian pearl necklaces and vibrant lacquered gemstone rings are inspired by her travels in the East.

The exhibition aims to celebrate the originality and intricate craftsmanship evident in these jewellers' work, which sets them apart from the crowd.

In a statement, the gallery says: "In the world of mass production, where homogenized commodities are common pace, there is nothing more refreshing and invigorating than to discover craftsmen whose passion and skills combine to create unique and authentic jewels. Each of these women share the same ethos that jewellery is more than a fashion accessory; it is an art form of self-expression."

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