Bursting with Emotion

Using gemstones like a precious colour palette, Fabergé Emotion jewellery is a mesmerising mix of colours and shapes.

Fabergé Emotion egg charms

After the famous Fabergé Easter eggs, for which the house will always be known, the Emotion collection is fast becoming its new icon and colourful high-profile ambassador. The desire to enthral and delight is evident in each of these pieces of Fabergé jewellery, from rings to pendants and the highly collectable bracelet charms, making these perfect Christmas gifts. Inspired by the colour-drenched style of Fauvism paintings, the Emotion collection brings the idea of the artist jeweller to a new generation of gem lovers. Using stones like a precious colour palette, each Emotion jewel is a contemporary work of art, featuring mesmerising colours and shapes.

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1. Charm bracelet eggs

The perfect solution for a Christmas gift is to start an egg charm bracelet and every birthday and Christmas will be sorted for years to come. Start with the multi-coloured Emotion egg charm, shimmering with around 150 different gems, which in this case consists of rubies, emeralds, diamonds, tsavorites, and pink, yellow, orange, purple and blue sapphires that will go with any other colour. Other options include the Purple Charm with diamonds, violet topazes and spinels, purple sapphires, amethysts and aquamarines. The Green Charm is a zesty mix of diamonds, emeralds, peridots, demantoid garnets and tsavorites.

2. Emotion egg pendants

Slightly larger than the egg charms, these Fabergé pendants are a very easy way to wear a little Fabergé every day. Available in different colour combinations, my favourite is the Pink Pendant packed with the colours of crushed raspberry meringue thanks to a generous dusting of white and pink diamonds, as well as pink tourmalines, sapphires and spinels. The Blue Pendant is an azure medley of diamonds, sapphires, blue topaz, Paraiba tourmalines and opals.

3. Emotion rings 
These Fabergé rings are ripe to bursting point with luscious hues created by a mosaic of coloured gemstones. The five variants of these rings in green, pink, purple, blue and a multi-coloured version are each as tempting as the other. Combining more than 300 gemstones of differing sizes in a seemingly random pattern, each of these Emotion rings is unique. The gem-setter fits the puzzle of stones together, one by one, working out how to cluster different hues and sizes into the rippling surface of the ring to optimal effect. When asked to decide which is my favourite, I find my hand hovering undecidedly over a tray of these luscious rings. Which is probably why Fabergé decided to go for a score-settling all-white diamond version.

4. Mini Emotion rings

The success of the original Emotion rings has led to smaller versions of these bombs of colour - new for winter 2015 - that fizz away on the finger. Testament to the genius of the late Frédéric Zaavy, creative director of Fabergé at the brand’s re-launch in 2009, the idea of almost crushing together hundreds of gemstones into a mosaic of colour-paving undulating shapes, works across different size rings and objects. I can imagine that one of these rings would be a delightful present, but I would be so tempted to stack two on one finger or wear them on adjacent fingers.

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