Fabergé returns to the Couture Show Las Vegas with a collection of unique jewelry that tells the story of its enviable legacy

The Couture Show Las Vegas, which takes place from 28 May to 1 June, is a golden opportunity for Fabergé to increase its presence in the United States.

Fabergé will be showcasing both mid-range jewelry as well as a selection of awe-inspiring masterpieces at the Couture Show Las Vegas, including this one-of-a-kind Fabergé necklace, the centerpiece of the Secret Garden collection, with a detachable, rotati

By Maria Doulton

For the third time in its history, the legendary Fabergé will be gracing the Couture Vegas watch and jewelry show with its presence. Taking place in Las Vegas from 28 May to 1 June, Fabergé, along with 200 other carefully selected jewelers, will be showcasing their latest creations to buyers from 4,000 different retailers.

The organisers of Couture Vegas pride themselves on selecting designers of unique jewelry with a flair for originality and creativity. The result is a bijou of an event where buyers find inspiration for the year ahead, and jewelers fill their order books.

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With views over the Wynn Hotel golf course, Fabergé has found a comfortable villa suite in which to display its jewels and receive guests. Pallinghurst Resources, who bought the brand name from Unilever, resurrected the London-based brand in 2007. The house had not made any high jewelry for 90 years and, since then, Fabergé has worked on creating a comprehensive range of jewels and objets d'art inspired by the work of Peter Carl Fabergé - most famous for the Imperial Easter Eggs he created for Russia's Tsar Alexander III and other wealthy patrons. Couture Vegas represents the opportunity for Fabergé jewelry to increase its presence in the United States.

Fabergé will be showcasing both mid-range jewelry as well as a selection of awe-inspiring masterpieces. Expect to see motifs associated with the historic house, such as the Fabergé egg that is most clearly in evidence in the playful Egg Charms. Highly collectable and wearable as either charms on Fabergé bracelets or as a pendant dangling from a chain, these little eggs brimming with colored gemstones will keep clients coming back for more. With all the weight of Fabergé's enviable legacy behind its name, the Heritage collection more subtly incorporates egg shapes into its designs and employs techniques such as guilloché or engine-turned engraving and enameling, which Fabergé himself would have used in his work. 

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For everyday wear, the swirling curlicue scroll motif found in 18th century ornaments and furniture is interpreted in precious metals and colored gemstones in the Rococo collection. Airy and light open-work gold shapes are highlighted with diamonds or colorful sapphires.

The famous crisscross pattern that adorned most of the Fabergé eggs is brought back in the Treillage collection. The plump gold Fabergé rings remind me of the decadently comfortable furniture of the Romanov family - the buttons at the center of each dimple replaced with gemstones.

The Summer in Provence collection, including earrings and ornate bejeweled green and blue pendants, are statement pieces that sum up the brilliance of Fabergé's creativity. Emeralds, turquoise, diamonds and enamel offer a delightful interpretation of a perfect summer day in the Côte d'Azur, with bright blue skies and sun-dappled lawns.

The Secret Garden jewels are all one-offs, which only a few can dream of owning. This richly coloured high jewelry collection captures the beauty of a freshly picked bunch of flowers. Sapphires, emeralds, tsavorites, spinels, diamonds, Siberian jade, Paraiba tourmalines and more are the precious color palette used to crystalize the beauty of nature. Myriad stone cuts and setting techniques were employed to make this masterpiece signed by Fabergé.

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