Baselworld 2014 preview: Mikimoto Sun and Clouds pearl necklace

Launching at Baselworld this week, Mikimoto's Sun & Clouds pearl necklace captures the subtle nuances of colour that are revealed when you look up at the sky.

Mikimoto's Sun & Clouds necklace is designed so that it can be doubled up as a choker or worn sautoir-style

With its painstakingly perfect three-colour graduation, Mikimoto's Sun & Clouds pearl necklace is an incredible piece of jewellery.

Due to be launched exclusively at Baselworld this week, the design can be doubled up as a choker or worn sautoir-style. Taking its inspiration from nature, the warm golden glow of the sun is mimicked by the placement of yellow diamonds around each pearl, while the white and grey pearls represent the clouds, which darken gradually as they travel away from the sun. The necklace is fastened by a diamond-encrusted clasp and will also be presented with a pair of matching earrings.

The new Sun & Clouds jewels are among four exclusive collections that will be revealed on Wednesday, when Baselworld opens its doors to its first visitors.

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