Assouline presents 'The Impossible Collection of Jewelry' by Vivienne Becker

'The Impossible Collection of Jewelry', published by Assouline, is a new book by Vivienne Becker featuring the most desirable jewels from the past century.


Jewellery lovers will be happy to hear that a new book has arrived that displays, in glorious hand-tipped photographs, Vivienne Becker's selection of the 100 most important jewels of the 20th century.

As part of Assouline's 'Ultimate Collection' series, renowned jewellery historian and expert Vivienne Becker compiles her dream jewellery box, plundering the last century for the most spectacular and significant jewels. Becker's selection reveals her deep knowledge and sparkling passion for the subject, which has made her a global authority on jewellery.

From magnificent Cartier creations, such as the Maharajah of Patiala's famous necklace, to lesser-known delights, the book is an absolute feast for the eyes, brimming with exquisite images of jewels that have made a lasting impression on the author and, indeed, the history of jewellery. Bound in soft, grey fabric, the hefty tome - of which only 1,000 have been printed - slips into a case of orange silk and comes in its own canvas tote bag for ease of carrying.

I was with Vivienne Becker in New York in April, when she went to sign copies of her book at Assouline's gorgeous shop in The Plaza hotel. She told me that writing it was a great milestone in her career and that a collection of jewels such as this would be beyond anyone's dreams but was a joy to work on. The book is available from

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