New video: DeLaneau watches at Baselworld 2014

Maria Doulton gets an inside look at DeLaneau's latest watch collections during Baselworld 2014.

DeLaneau's Rondo Translucent Hoar Frost watch, with a diamond-set bezel. The colour of the guilloché enamel dial is as mysterious as a grayish violet winter morning

DeLaneau presented its new watch collections at Baselworld 2014. Unlike many of the watch houses present at this international watch fair, DeLaneau is almost exclusively about producing one off timepieces.

This is because the Geneva-based company specialises in creating watches with dials decorated with enamel and miniature paintings, as well as some spectacular one-off jewellery watches such as the stunning DeLaneau Grace series of bejewelled cuffs. DeLaneau emphasised this point with a recreation of a fully operational enamelling workshop inside its booth.

This year sees a new colour version of the DeLaneau Rondo Translucent watch range in a delicate violet/grey hue called 'HoarFrost'. The guilloched or engine-turned base of the dial is covered in layers of opaline gran feu enamel to create the shimmering effect enhanced by a circle of diamonds.

Nature has long been an inspiration for DeLaneau and the 'Jellyfish' watch caught my eye. The sea-blue dial captures a fleeting moment as a jellyfish swims through sun-shot water.


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