Baselworld watches: imaginative high jewellery ladies’ watches

Best of Baselworld ladies’ watches from Breguet, Fabergé and Harry Winston, where fantasy and femininity conspire to sweep you off your feet

Fabergé watches Summer in Provence high jewellery timepiece features a garland of white mother-of-pearl flowers, meandering across the diamond and gem-set dial and bracelet. Limited to five pieces, the 37mm model comes in a white gold case, set with 322 d

By Rebecca Doulton

In addition to the high jewellery timepieces showcased at Baselworld watches, which required sunglasses and security personnel to be viewed, we have selected a couple of other models that, much like the knock-out diamond watches by Breguet, Graff and Jacob & Co., which were filmed by The Jewellery Editor team, will give you an unparalleled sensation of glamour and fantasy.

Fabergé watches made its grand high jewellery and watch debut this year, celebrating its return with a joyful dimension of colour. Fabergé's new Summer in Provence collection, ablaze with emeralds, diamonds and enamelling, features a delightful high jewellery ladies' watch designed to evoke the colours and dappled sunlight of summer in the South of France. The diamond-encrusted dial, offset with Paraíba tourmalines and emeralds, is draped by a garland of tiny, white mother-of-pearl flowers, which meander all the way around the diamond bracelet. The multiple layers, textures and coloured gemstone settings of the watch hark back to the tradition of Fabergé's opulently decorated eggs. Inside the lavish 37mm white gold case is an automatic movement with a hand-engraved rotor set with 14 diamonds. Three different ladies' watches will be available by September 2015, each in a limited edition of five pieces.

In his day, watchmaker Louis-Abraham Breguet enjoyed the custom of some very important French ladies, including Queen Marie-Antoinette. France's most famous queen has been a recurrent source of inspiration for Breguet watches contemporary collections and, this year, her quill ink pen, with which she corresponded with the King as well as her family in Austria, is the leitmotif of this graceful watch. The new Breguet Rêve de Plume ladies' watch, housed in the familiar gold oval-shaped case, is adorned with a delicate feather sculpture on the left side of the bezel. Set with a total of 4.00 carats of diamonds, which taper at the ends of each feather, the effect is one of lightness and elegance. Equipped with a Breguet automatic movement, these ladies' watches will be available in rose and white gold and are presented on a satin strap.

Secret watches come in the most incredible disguises and Harry Winston's incorporation of a pocket watch inside a powder compact gets full marks for coquettishness. By opening the beautiful mother-of-pearl case, set with blushing pink sapphires and diamonds arranged in a floral motif, you can check your make-up in the mirror or consult the time. Inside, Harry Winston watches has set four pear-cut and four marquise-cut diamonds into a floral labyrinth of diamonds, framing a pink mother-of-pearl dial, which reads off the hours and minutes. With 752 diamonds, 48 pink sapphire cabochons and five rosy-pink pearls, this highly original powder compact watch is reassuringly heavy. 

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