I'm in Paris today with Giampiero Bodino, and we're capturing the moment, where the creator sees his creations on a model.

Giampiero Bodino: "For me, a jewel is something, that is a fascination that you wear for yourself, and not for the others. It's crucial. Because even if the pieces are quite impressive important, because even if the pieces are quite impressive, important, they must be really wearable".

Versatility is very important for Giampiero Bodino, because he likes women to feel at ease with their jewels, and wear them in different ways. And, the Tesori del Mare necklace is a good example, because it started off as a pair of very
large earrings.

Giampiero himself is showing us, how to wear his jewellery, which although it is so spectacular, you're going to see just how easily it slips on. How does it feel to see your necklace?

Giampiero Bodino: "Because they come to life. They start breathing, the jewel is something which is not static, it's something dynamic, that moves with the people, with the person that wears it”.

What I find so interesting about this jewellery is what Giampiero Bodino himself says, that he doesn't want the jewels to be imposing, he wants women to wear them, and enjoy them and I think this is the future of high jewellery.

Giampiero Bodino: "An idea, an idea that you have, "or a dream you have, a dream that the client has".

Clients tell you their dreams?

Giampiero Bodino: "Absolutely, to design something specific for".

And I think you have good dreams.

Giampiero Bodino: "Yes, I'm a good dreamer, yeah definitely".

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