Diamond rings are not just for engagements. I’ve chosen three rings that I think defy this convention thanks to their great design and strong personality.

The diamond is of course a perennial favourite and each generation wear it its own way. If we look at how the divas and screen goddesses and royalty of the past wore diamonds it makes sense that they often look to Cartier when trying to create something that could capture their personality and individuality.

I’m particularly drawn to this brand new design of the Galanterie ring that has a quite old 1.5 carat diamond that sits in this interesting design of black lacquer with even more diamonds surrounding it.

Today Cartier has launched an extensive new diamond collection and shining through is this thread of real individuality and this is I think what makes them so appealing.

If you want something really different, which I think has a really fresh air about it, then Jessica McCormack’s ring is a really good example of how you can wear over two carats of diamonds in a very informal everyday way. I just love how Boghossian takes the diamond and makes it something different.

Here we have an overcut diamond of over two carats set inside a twelve carat Paraiba surrounded by a flower carved out of turquoise.

So looking at these rings I hope that you’ll see that there is life to the diamond beyond the engagement ring.

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