Vivienne Louis Vuitton

Meet your new BFF Vivienne from Louis Vuitton's Travellers Collection of eleven pocket-sized bejewelled mascots. 

Vivienne Surfer pendant by Louis Vuitton zoomed in

Louis Vuitton introduces the Vivienne Travellers Collection populated by eleven bejewelled doll figures that can be worn as pendants or brooches or displayed as a pint-size objet d’art. Vivienne, a flower headed, semi-abstract mascot with a star over one eye, first appeared in 2018 dangling from key chains, as a bag charm or flitting across handbags. Playful and always full of colour, Vivienne now moves into the realms of fine jewellery but loses none of her sense of fun nor her street cool.

Louis Vuitton introduces the Vivienne Travellers Collection populated by eleven bejewelled doll figures that can be worn as pendants or brooches or displayed as a pint-size objet d’art.

The eleven variations reflect Louis Vuitton’s spirit of travel and love of different cultures, all on miniature scale with but with a large dose of Vuitton tongue-in-cheek flair. Vivienne is a charming and contemporary showcase of Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire across many jewellery disciplines including gem setting, lacquering and gold work.

Vivienne, in all her guises from surfer to samurai or panda, is pleasingly solid with details on both the front of the figure as well as on the back. Each one is created as a limited edition and can be easily detached from the chain to be worn as a brooch.

Vivienne Panda pendant by Louis Vuitton
The adorable Vivienne Panda set with 166 diamonds, holds a neon-bright bamboo that perfectly captures the spirit of China in the most delightful way. Louis Vuitton fine jewellery  

When not out and about, Vivienne and her international friends can be stowed in a specially-made trunk, safely tucked up in one of its many drawers.  When open, the trunk is like a dolls house and offers different platforms and stages from which the Vivienne family can be displayed and enjoyed. 

A unique mini-trunk is home to Vivienne with stages, stands and drawers in which to keep your collection of Vivienne Travellers and other treasures. Louis Vuitton fine jewellery  

The majority of the Vivienne mascots relate to specific countries. For example,  the Vivienne Hanbok wears traditional Korean dress and look closely and you will see that the striking engraved rose gold petals around her head is one of the many traditional jewellery skills employed in this collection. Vivienne Petit Malle is dressed in a Singaporean outfit that she stylishly combines with a diamond-set Petit Malle handbag worn across the body. The glossy, bright lacquer of her outfit evokes Singapore’s Peranakan district. Vivienne Rainbow is inspired by Hong Kong’s Rainbow district. The vibrant tones of the paints used in this neighbourhood are brilliantly recreated in no less than 154 gemstones. Multi-hued sapphires, garnets, rubies and emeralds are expertly set to shimmer in this quirky piece of jewellery. The katana and stylised red and black armour make the Vivienne Samurai immediately identifiable with Japan’s fierce Samurai warriors. More feminine are the delicate plum flowers of Taiwan that adorn the pastel-hued Vivienne Plum Flowers. Sure to be a hit with the Chinese is the adorable Vivienne Panda that perfectly embodies the spirit of this country. The little creature is set with 166 diamonds and holds a neon-bright bamboo that evokes the Celestial Empire in the most delightful way.

Vivienne Plum Flowers pendant by Louis Vuitton
The delicate plum flowers of Taiwan adorn this pastel-hued Vivienne Plum Flowers pendant that showcases the skill of Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire across many jewellery disciplines. Louis Vuitton fine jewellery  

Less about a geographical location is the sporty Vivienne Surfer, ready to jump on her monogrammed board and ride the rollers. A degradé of waves of blue lacquer with diamond splashes perfectly capture the surfing vibe with a luxurious touch. Vivienne Casino is the ideal companion to bring along to any game where there are high stakes, be it a game of love or roulette. The lucky Vivienne Casino holds a winning hand of cards and she exudes an aura of diamond-set positivity. Closer to Louis Vuitton’s Parisian home and as resplendent as the Sun King himself, Vivienne Royal pays homage to Paris and in particular the Place Vendôme. She comes complete with a diamond-studded crown and is attired in a regal fleur de lys pattern of gold and blue. The Vivienne Monogram cleverly weaves together key features of a classic Vuitton steamer trunk.  The famous flower and star Monogram pattern is skilfully etched into mother of pearl and even the wood used in the frame and outer ribs of the trunks is included. And finally,  Vivienne Celebration pays homage to Louis Vuitton’s 200th anniversary. She shines with 36 colour gemstones and 124 diamonds showing the exquisite craftsmanship employed in these small-scale creations brimming with personality. Each Vivienne is a charming, precious friend with a story to tell from around the globe. Which is your favourite?




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