Dive into a sea of Tiffany jewelry with the Blue Book 2015

Under new design directorship, Tiffany's annual Blue Book of one-of-a-kind jewelry takes its inspiration from the sea. Åse Anderson dips her toe in.

Tiffany earrings from the 2015 Blue Book collection set with 8.87ct black opals and mixed-cut diamonds in platinum.

By Åse Anderson

Packed with some of the world's most impressive one-of-a-kind high jewelry, the launch of the Tiffany Blue Book 2015 is an occasion to be savoured.

This year, the anticipation was even higher as it marks the first Tiffany high jewelry collection under new design director Francesca Amfitheatrof. Entitled "The Art of the Sea", the Tiffany Blue Book 2015 is a blend of bold and graceful jewels inspired by the power and mystery of the ocean.

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The famous Tiffany diamonds cascade through the Blue Book in waves of mesmerizing brilliance, from baguette and round diamonds that flow around the neck, to a waterfall of pear-cut gems on Tiffany diamond rings.

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Colored gemstones abound, including deep-blue tanzanites and neon-bright cuprian elbaite tourmalines. Blue diamonds are amongst the rarest of the world's precious stones and the Tiffany Pebble ring is set with no less than 400 piercing blue diamonds, while other jewels feature diamonds in tropical shades of blue-green and yellow.

No high jewelry ocean would be complete without the gems that we call the treasures of the sea. Gleaming South Sea pearls sit proudly on top of Tiffany rings while black Tahitian pearls provide a beautiful contrast to sparkling white diamonds in a Tiffany bracelet. Swirling waterfalls of diamonds are anchored by black opals in an impressive pair of earrings, and the stillness of the sea is reflected in a statement ring set with a chrysocolla cabochon.

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This unique collection of Tiffany jewelry also features pieces that reference designs from the Tiffany archives, including a diamond necklace set with hundreds of round brilliant diamonds in a wave pattern, inspired by an archival watch chain.

The Tiffany Blue Book is legendary among collectors and connoisseurs, and there is no doubt that Amfitheatrof has pulled out all the stops with this latest high jewelry extravaganza.

She says: "Blue Book is an important symbol of Tiffany & Co. Its rich heritage draws the finest artisans who create a world of luxury that no other jeweler can equal. To design this important collection with these talented people and the most extraordinary gems is an honor and a privilege."

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