The new My Dior collection reaches into the past for the women of today

A closer look at the new My Dior jewel collection and how it relates to the rich heritage of the Masion Dior.


Dior's new My Dior jewel collection seems effortless in its execution, and the sort of jewellery that sits elegantly into the classic idea we have of Dior.  Rather than a challenging new arrival clamouring for attention, My Dior slips in comfortably and enters the universe of Dior with the ease of one accustomed to such surroundings. As Dior themselves describe the collection: 'it is a lingering memory, a melody that has never been forgotten and one that everyone remembers in their own way.' As imagined by Creative Director for Fine Jewellery at Dior, Victoire de Castellane, the pieces are made to resemble golden straw or more precisely "English cannage", that refers to the cane weave or cane rattan of the gilt chairs that are very much part of the world of couture.

Victoire De Castellane has her own personal link to this woven motif so emblematic of the house of Dior and is the link that formed the basis of her inspiration for My Dior. Decades ago in the 1970s, women who visited the Parisian boutique were often accompanied by a man, a friend or a child. For these children stepping into the House of Dior it would have been an adventure unto itself, seeing details that would make indelible imprints on their imaginations for many years to come. As only children do, details like the boutique's décor: the pearl grey, the ornamental mouldings, the Fontanges bow, and of course, the 'cannage' or rattan of the golden Napoleon III chairs. One of these children was Victoire de Castellane herself, and it's clear from My Dior which of these details carved their place in her memory.

This collection gently re-asserts the Dior ideal of today's woman who is a tantalising balance of refinement with intricate delicacy. The collection is made up of a combination of rings, bracelets and cuffs and the pieces, that like a good Dior outfit, work perfectly in a variety of combinations, be it yellow, pink, or white gold and the burst of colour from precious stones.

Take the vibrant exuberance exuded by the My Dior Cuff in yellow gold, with diamonds, spessartite garnets, red spinels, demantoid garnets, pink sapphires, emeralds, pink spinels, tsavorite garnets, Paraiba tourmalines, amethysts, yellow sapphires, yellow beryls, tanzanites and aquamarines. Now take a deep breath, and compare it with the stunning simplicity of the My Dior yellow gold ring, or white gold and diamond ring. Whether you seek all the colours of the world on your wrist or the simply confident craft of the cannage itself, this collection emits the quality and sophistication one expects of Dior.

Each piece utilises the lost-wax technique which means that the original form is carved out of a wax block and cast in gold from its mould. This labour intenive technique allows for a richness of detail seen in the woven gold work, with absolutely no machine-made refinements to dispel the poetry and craft that Victoire de Castellane seeks to imbue in each piece. 

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