Tanishq launches two vibrant new jewellery collections aimed firmly at a younger demographic

Tanishq, one of India's best-known jewellers, is aiming for a younger audience with its bold, new Zyra and IVA 2 collections.

Tanishq Zyra collection white and yellow gold sunflower earrings and necklace studded with white diamonds.

By Preeta Agarwal in New Delhi 

According to a recent study, younger generations are more interested in splurging on expensive gadgets and cars than they are in investing in fine jewellery. Which means that jewellers across the globe are being forced to reevaluate their approach to jewellery design. 

Thinking along these lines, Tanishq, one of India's best-known jewellers, has recently launched two vibrant new collections, Zyra and IVA 2, which are aimed firmly at a younger demographic. 

Zyra embodies the fresh blossoms of spring, with intricate petals and delicate floral motifs in textured white and yellow gold, studded with white diamonds and coloured Using both modern and traditional jewellery making techniques, including enamelling and granulation, each jewel in the Zyra collection is inspired by a flower, with lilies, hydrangeas, gerberas, sunflowers, chrysanthemums and roses all making an appearance.

IVA 2 is the second edition of Tanishq's IVA collection. Young and bold, just like the Bollywood civa and style icon Kangana Ranaut, the new face of IVA 2, the collection is Tanishq's most fashionable range of fine jewellery yet.

The look and form of this collection was inspired by the richness of nature, but it isn't a literal translation. One space-age pair of earrings descend from the ears like atomic structures, while a citrine ring curls its way around the finger in a tendril of gold. Some of the jewels can be taken apart and worn in different ways.

Both collections are affordably priced, with Zyra starting from INR 25,000 and IVA 2 from INR 15,000. "Women are looking for jewellery which is affordable because affordability surely plays a major role in the buying decision," says Deepika Tewari, general marketing manager of the jewellery division for Titan Company Ltd, which owns Tanishq. "We are confident that Zyra and IVA 2 will appeal to women of varied age groups across India."



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