New Liens Haute Joaillerie collection by Chaumet debuts at Paris Couture Week

Chaumet present the Liens high jewellery collection of 12 rings with a classic blue and white colour palette that expresses the elegance of the cross motif.


The intertwined 'X' motif of the 'Liens' or 'ties' collection is a well-established motif chez Chaumet. But this year, the simple but highly symbolic cross steps into the limelight with the arrival of the 'Liens' collection of high jewellery.

The cross has been seen in the work of Chaumet since 1907, but it came to prominence in 1977 with the arrival of the first 'Les Liens' bijoux. And now, in 2013, the 'Liens' collection of 12 one-off rings elevates the simple motif to high jewellery status.

An interesting feature of this collection is the fact that the colours are limited to white diamonds and blue precious stones. Beyond the majestic deep blue of the sapphire, aquamarines and tourmalines create an azure contrast to the icy white of diamonds.

Both classic yet with a simplicity that is so modern, the structure of these rings makes the stones appear to float effortlessly above ribbons of baguettes and rows of perfect white brilliant cut diamonds. Geometric, elegant and understated, the 'Liens' collection enters quietly, but is here to stay. 

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