Melanie Georgacopoulos shows the way to a pearl renaissance

Melanie Georgacopoulos reveals her unique pearl jewels that propel these little orbs into the universe of avant-garde design. 

M/G Tasaki Shell Bangle in palladium fresh water pearls

Born to a French mother in Greece, Melanie Georgacopoulos is one of the most exciting jewellers working with pearls. Her rigorous design approach with the mind of both an artist and jeweller reveals pearl jewels with their sight set on the future. Melanie began her studies at the Mokume School of Jewellery in Athens and then enrolled at Edinburgh College of Art to study sculpture. Melanie returned to jewellery design at the Royal College of Arts in London.

It was here that she first began exploring pearls and started out by slicing one in half to see what was inside. She has not looked back and has taken pearls to new places as she slices, drills, facets and covers them in gold. Melanie creates for her own brand as well as working with TASAKI, the Japanese jeweller and pearl house, under the M/G TASAKI name. Discover her daring range of pearl and mother of pearl jewellery here and watch our Instagram Live Tea with Maria Interview.


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