A cut above: M/G TASAKI celebrates 10 years of 'Sliced' pearls

Discover the ten-year journey of Melanie Georgacopoulos with M/G TASAKI that has brought the world groundbreaking pearl jewels unlike any others.

M/G TASAKI Sliced Bezel earring and ear cuff on model

2024 is a key year for TASAKI as it celebrates its 70th anniversary and its 10th anniversary of working with Melanie Georgacopoulos under the M/G TASAKI name. Ms Georgacopoulos  first came on the Japanese jeweller's radar over a decade ago when CEO Toshikazu Tajima saw her jewels at the fashion-forward Dover Street Market in London.  Since studying ancient Greek jewellery-making techniques in Athens, a degree in sculpture from the Edinburgh College of Art and then a Master's degree at the Royal College of Art in London, Ms Georgacopoulos has focused on creating a brave new look for pearls.  Mr Tajima has a keen eye for outstanding contemporary design and Ms Georgacopoulos' avant-garde jewels featuring sliced pearls were closely aligned with his mission to bring a strong and directional look to the house.

M/G TASAKI’s celebrates 10 years on the collection that first dared to slice open pearls as seen in the long necklace and ear cuff.

Ms Georgacopoulos's first collection for the house was 'Sliced', featuring pearls cut in half, revealing a secret inner world, much like the growth rings of a tree.  The designer came upon the idea while finishing her Master's degree, curious to find out what was inside a pearl.  Ms Georgacopoulos explains: "'Sliced' is a groundbreaking collection for fine jewellery, and I wanted to cut pearls in half to reveal the inside.  At the time, some people thought slicing pearls was sacrilege, but I wanted to go beyond the preconceptions about pearls.  When you cut a pearl open, you see that no two are the same, and I wanted to reveal the organic Nature of the pearl.  There was and is so much emphasis on the perfect pearl and necklace that they can sometimes look fake.  But I want to celebrate the uniqueness of each pearl and give a contemporary approach to pearls."

M/G TASAKI Sliced Bezel ring
The gold bezels are made one by one to perfectly frame each pearl in the M/G TASAKI Sliced Bezel collection.

The first 'Sliced' pieces were an instant success, which Ms Georgacopoulos attributes to the Japan's sophisticated approach to jewellery.  Over the past ten years, 'Sliced' has become one of TASAKI's best-selling lines.

M/G TASAKI Sliced Sphere ring
M/G TASAKI Sliced Sphere and Sliced Bezel rings and Sliced Sphere bracelet on model.

To mark the 10th anniversary of 'Sliced',  M/G TASAKI presents two new variants called 'Sliced Bezel' and 'Sliced Sphere'.  Like all the previous 'Sliced' collections, freshwater pearls with lustrous surfaces are carefully chosen from TASAKI's pearl farms.  In the 'Sliced Bezel' series, a gold frame enhances the lustre of the creamy white pearls and focuses the eye on its enigmatic banded interior.  The pearls are clustered like bubbles in groups of two, three and five, echoing patterns found in Nature. 'Sliced Sphere' drops gold spheres amongst sliced pearls, offering a fresh twist on the classic pearl jewel.  The shiny, hard surface of the gold contrasts with the dusky white tones of the inside of the pearl and the lustre of their exteriors.  Both collections feature a clasp designed to mimic the form of a sliced pearl.

Since the first 'Sliced' jewels, M/G TASAKI has dared to facet, drill, chain, weave, stack, stud and hollow out pearls. Whatever can we expect next? Watch this space as M/G TASAKI is at the very forefront of a pearl revolution.


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