Louiza Fine Jewellery: architecture meets femininity

With modern aesthetics and daring material combinations, Louiza’s jewellery defines new codes in the luxury sector.

Peridot ring by Louiza Fine Jewellery

Louiza Fine Jewellery is a subtle balance between elegance, innovation and high craftsmanship. Louiza Leclercq creates for women who look to incorporate exclusive pieces of jewellery into their everyday life. Louiza’s wish is to democratise luxury jewels, providing a broader audience with access to fine jewellery.

Her passion for jewellery was born from her fascination for emeralds. The love story started in Hong Kong where Louiza discovered the precious green stone at a jeweller. It then evolved in London where she studied gemmology at Gem-A and was absorbed by the secrets of stones: witnesses of our planet’s evolution, each gem tells a unique story. Connected to these treasures of nature, Louiza is captivated by their mysterious inclusions, texture and brilliance.

From architecture and interior design, to painting and ballet, Louiza is inspired by all artistic environments and precious objects. But the creative founder is also largely influenced by her international travels: born in Russia, she has since lived in Paris, New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. This exposure to a wide variety of architecture appealed to her artistic sensibility and is reflected in her unconventional jewels. Thanks to her creative flair, she balances sculptural lines, colourful materials and a timeless femininity in her collections. 

Tokyo ring by Louiza Fine Jewellery
Set with a striking peridot, the one-of-a-kind ring by Louiza Jewellery stands out by its volume and colour audacity. The opaque black carbon fiber mounting contrasts with the transparency of the yellowish-green centre stone. 

Louiza’s modern designs highlight semi-precious stones such as tanzanite, green tourmaline and rubellite, enhanced with diamonds. Her use of blue titanium is a contemporary choice for fine jewellery, which brings a fresh and playful touch. Louiza also works with other uncommon materials such as carbon fibre, blackened gold and black zirconium for a more edgy style. Thanks to these daring combinations and an innovative vision, Louiza Fine Jewellery stands out from traditional jewellery.

Monumenta ring by Louiza Fine Jewellery
Curvy line and crescendo of blue are the codes of the Monumenta set by Louiza Jewellery. This three-pieces collection translates femininity and elegance.

The Monumenta collection echoes the curves and movement of artist Richard Serra’s impressive sculptures, and architects Zaha Hadid and Santiago Calatrava’s works. Like water flowing over the skin, this articulated set is extremely comfortable and light to wear. The crescendo of blue sapphires and the sinuous lines emphasise the delicacy and refinement of the pieces. 

Louiza’s cocktail rings are as vibrant as they are elegant. The one-of-a-kind Peridot Ring is a statement piece revealing a harmonious union of carbon-fiber, titanium, diamonds and peridot. The turquoise-colour prongs enhance the intensity of the centre stone, and contrast with the dark mounting. This voluminous creation empowers the lucky woman wearing it.

Tokyo ring by Louiza Fine Jewellery
The Tokyo ring by Louiza Jewellery is a stunning architectural creation paying tribute to the TOD’s Omotesando building in Japan. The cushion-cut mint tourmaline is supported by white gold and diamond branches. 

More geometrical, the Tokyo Ring adopts design cues from the luxury house TOD’S Omotesando Building with its branched structure. The criss-crossed diamond-paved mounting supports a mesmerizing cushion-cut mint tourmaline. Clink this link to see the Tokyo ring filmed by Eline Ewbank. 

In conversation with Louiza, her dedication in every step of the creation process is clear. The Russian entrepreneur makes sure every single piece, carefully and meticulously crafted in her Italian workshops, complies with her high-quality standards. 

Written by Eline Ewbank. Find Eline's discoveries on instagram @jewellerystalker and on her website www.jewellerystalker.com


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