The Jewellery Editor collaborates with new Hello! Fashion magazine

Both specialists in their fields, The Jewellery Editor collaborates in creating fine jewellery and watch pages with the new Hello! Fashion magazine in the UK.

Since Hello! Fashion launched in September 2014, The Jewellery Editor has been providing content for its jewellery and watch pages.

By Maria Doulton

Some things are just meant to be, and The Jewellery Editor's collaboration with Hello! magazine's new title Hello! Fashion has been a win, win situation for both publishers.

Since Hello! Fashion launched in September 2014, The Jewellery Editor has been providing content for its fine jewellery and watch pages. In return, The Jewellery Editor is able to reach the followers of Hello! and share its highly specialised knowledge with a new audience.

Editor Juliet Herd at Hello! Fashion was the mastermind behind this collaboration, which aims to enrich the content of the monthly publication with pages focused on the fine jewels and watches du jour.

Together, the two editorial teams decide on a theme and then it's over to The Jewellery Editor to curate the content from its vast knowledge of this arena. To date, themes have ranged from pretty floral gems to spiritually enhancing jewels imbued with a Zen-like calm.

Hello! Fashion is steadily growing in its reach and has all the support of the hugely successful Hello! stable of magazines, as The Jewellery Editor commented: "It is a great opportunity for us to collaborate with Hello! Fashion as it brings out the best in both teams. We are the experts in jewellery and watches, while Hello! Fashion has the power of one of the most successful publishing ventures behind it."

Hello! Fashion is soon to increase its digital presence, which will allow further and more innovative collaboration, as well as new opportunities to share content between the two magazines. Furthermore, The Jewellery Editor is providing a monthly pick of both a jewel and a watch to keep Hello! Fashion readers up to date on all that is happening in our world of luxury.

We will keep you posted on the evolving relationship between Hello! Fashion and The Jewellery Editor, and of developments across our social media platforms. Take a look for yourself and, I hope that you agree, two is almost always better than one. 

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