Hannah Martin SHOW jewellery collection

Hannah Martin's SHOW collection re-interprets iconic shapes for the new season and adds a heady splash of colour.


Hannah Martin's new SHOW jewellery collection proves once again that she is a designer who is fearless, bold and now also very colourful. You will recognise the elegantly aggresive themes and the tautly suggestive lines from previous collections: the knuckle dusters, the spurs and eagles. But now Martin turns the look around by coating the  colours. The distinct shapes Hannah Martin produces are now coated in heady reds, yellows, and oranges.

The Spur pendants and rings are reminiscent of jewellery from her  'It's Only Rock 'n' Roll collection' but when coated with intense hues you can really appreciate these iconic shapes in their purest form. What were once rings in white gold embellished with rubies and diamonds are now more sculptural and certainly more visible. Similarly, the 'Spur' pendant takes on a much more 'fashion' feel as the colour turns the stern edges of the form into something more vibrant and playful. Chatting to Hannah Martin at last year's Rock Vault at London Fashion Week, she explained that the SHOW collection is a way to present jewellery at fashion shows at a more accessible price point without compromising her design credentials.

Each season brings a fresh set of powder coated colours. With prices from £174 to £214, the jewels will be available online and also at Dover Street Market.

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