'Growing Talent' exhibition at Goldsmiths' Spring Fair

'Growing Talent' at the Goldsmiths' Spring Fair of contemporary jewellery and silver creations showcases the work of young jewellers nurtured by Goldsmiths'


The Spring Exhibition at Goldsmiths' Hall, running from Monday 11 March to Saturday 13 April, will feature an exhibition called 'Growing Talent' showcasing the work of jewellers and silversmiths nurtured by the Goldsmiths' Company over the past 10 years.

This is a chance to see how the work of these gifted young jewellers has matured and evolved since they first exhibited as graduates at Goldsmiths' Fair in the City of London. It also reminds us of the importance of this ancient Livery Company, which supports art and metalworking colleges in the UK as well as offering exhibition space in the grand and historic Goldsmiths' Hall in London.

Curated by Mary La Trobe-Bateman, a freelance writer, curator and consultant in the applied arts, the theme is 'something old and something new'. Each jeweller will display a piece shown at their very first Goldsmiths' Fair alongside a brand-new one made specially for the exhibition.  

'It is fascinating to see how all these young craftspeople are developing,' says Mary La Trobe-Bateman, 'and what is even more encouraging is the fact that they are constantly honing their skills, pushing the boundaries and continuing to thrive in what is a challenging climate. Many of them are now well established, and their work is sought-after by collectors worldwide.' 

There will be 82 different exhibitors, including David McCaul, Katey Felton, Shivani Patel, Milena Kovanovic, Sarah Hutchinson, Loekie Heintzberger and Ornella Iannuzzi, all shown here. Beyond the exhibition, the Goldsmiths' Company also offers the useful website www.whoswhoingoldandsilver.com, a directory of independent artist jewellers and silversmiths in the UK.

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