Ganjam and a tribute to the Nizam dynasty

Ganjam's new Nizam jewellery collection is an exquisite tribute to the Nizam Dynasty and old world Indian luxury.



Ganjam's new Nizam jewellery collection is an exquisite tribute to the Nizam Dynasty. Ganjam's fame for collections with varied inspirations has reached beyond India and fascinated jewellery lovers around the world. I was lucky enough to experience working in Ganjam's design studio and witnessed the design of their new magnificent Nizam collection. Under Design Head Aparna Gujral, the studio is one of the best in India and no doubt a designer's dream to work at. The collection is a tribute to the Nizam dynasty that ruled Hyderabad from 1724 to 1948. It is an attempt to recreate some glimpses of that glory in the form of exquisite jewels that come together in a collection to celebrate the golden age in the history of Indian luxury.

The Regal palaces, the opulent textiles, the exquisite objects d'art and lifestyle of the Nizams have been translated into jewels that resonate with old world charm. It is also Ganjam's only collection so far, to offer jewels for men. Sharing her thoughts on the Nizam collection Aparna says, "Gemstones have been a trend for some time now. Interesting colour stone combinations are capturing the eyes! We in Ganjam, have recently explored yellows, greens and reds in the Nizam collection. The forms evoke an era gone by, yet the quality, colours and cuts of the stone revive this era with a sense of freshness". The more elaborate pieces and suites are ideal for grand wedding functions, for the bride as well as her close family members. The Sherwani Buttons, Kalgi and Cufflinks are perfect to complete and complement the attire of any groom. The lighter pieces may be worn for all kinds of family functions and celebrations typical of a big Indian wedding. The large pendants, long earrings and wide bracelets can be teamed up with both Indian and Western wear for cocktails or evenings out wherever you are.

Yellow gold has been used throughout with brilliant cut diamonds and vibrantly coloured stones. The collection celebrates the extensive use of diamond valandas, briolettes, rose-cuts and beads. Then there are the deliciously coloured emeralds,  tourmalines, sapphires, rubies and rubellites for added brilliance. Not only this, but cultured and South Sea pearls of both round and baroque shapes have also been used extensively. The look of the collection is rich, royal and resplendent, specially created to reflect the age-old association of Ganjam with royalty and luxury. The sumptuous hues of greens, reds and yellows of supreme quality gemstones in unison with the soft crèmes of pearls and subdued shimmer of valandas and rosecut diamonds make the collection lavish and luxurious without being blatantly extravagant.

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