Dance party required: fringe jewelry

Fine jewelry gets fancy and fun with fringing that is made for moving.

Tiffany Blue Book diamond and opal fringe earrings

On the Spring 2016 runways, designers are embracing the playfulness of fringe, from multi-color at Valentino to metallic at Delpozo, and jewelry designers are doing the same. No matter whether they use slinky metals or gem-studded drops, this fine jewelry is made for moving.

Fringe earrings
Lydia Courteille white and black gold earrings with black diamonds, grey diamonds, crystal, and corundum (POA).

Up first are these Tiffany earrings from the Blue Book collection, which pair long diamond fringing with the bottomless depths of two black opals. The Maison injects the fringing with added pizzazz by using multiple stone cuts including baguettes, round, and pear-shaped diamonds.

Dive into a sea of Tiffany with the Blue Book collection

Meanwhile, the Lydia Courteille earrings are an unabashed and in joyful technicolor. Her abstract Homage to Surrealism jewels feature red-lipsticked mouths that surround rainbow-colored crystal, with long fringing of light-reflecting corundum.

See Lydia Courteille's homage to the Queen of Sheba

Nina Runsdorf conjures up the hedonistic glamour of the 1920s with her flapper-inspired, v-shaped diamond fringing that is the perfect compliment to translucent emerald slices. 

White gold handwoven fringe necklace
Simon Alcantara handwoven white gold fringe necklace ($39,990).

Simon Alcantara's magnificent necklace extends fringe from one side of the collarbone to the other on a v-shaped stiff collar. He applies the discipline he learned as a classical ballet dancer to hand-weaving every single one of the 184 pieces of chain to the collar. The effect is as beautiful as it is dramatic. 

Milka of Turkish brand Kismet by Milka tasked herself with creating heart-themed jewelry for the non-girly girl. She came up with Shades of Love, a collection that includes this fashion-forward diamond earring - a heart studded with black, champagne and white diamonds creating an ombre effect.

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Sierpes chalcedony diamond maxi fringe earrings
Carrera y Carrera Sierpes maxi fringe earrings in white gold with moonstone and diamonds ($15,900).

With the Sierpes collection, Spanish heritage brand Carrera y Carrera creates a classical look inspired by Sierpes Street in Seville, so-named for its sinuous shape that mimics the movement of the fringe of the famous Manila shawl. 

The moonstone earrings represent the different stages of the shawl: a more figurative stage where the principal motif is a flower; a more geometric stage with a relief featuring lattices; and finally, the theatre of movement with a swaying fringe of white gold rather than silk.  

And Sorellina's sexy collection of fringed diamond earrings first caught our attention at last year's Couture. Some of our favorites are the Deco-inspired, pavé diamond-encrusted pyramid earrings from which dangle a luxurious fringe of gold Venetian box chain.  

Contemporary Art Deco at the Couture Show Las Vegas

Dance party required.

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